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Chapter 445: 445

Because this was World Tower . His Royal Highness’s World Tower .

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Ye Yafei frowned . “Yan Yue, is Moon Room taken?”

Yan Yue nodded slightly . “Yes . ”

“What about Pine?”

“That’s taken as well . ” Yan Yue glanced at Ye Yafei . “Inky Rain is the only left . Miss Ye, are you going to take it?”

World Tower was the only place that dared to treat its customers in this manner .

Ye Yafei had put on airs in front of Feng Wu, but she couldn’t even raise her voice to a waitress of World Tower .

The person behind World Tower was simply too powerful for anyone to defy .

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Inky Rain Room .

The private room was as wide as several hundred square meters .

Tables were set on the left side and customers could entertain themselves however they wanted .

Rush cushions were scattered around on the floor on the right side of the room and a painting known as “Inky Rain” hung on the wall . Other than those, there was nothing on that side of the room .

The right side was as tranquil as it was boisterous on the left side .

The left side was for mundane activities and the right for cultivation .

The difference was as stark as Yin and Yang .

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“Let’s eat . We’ll go study Inky Rain afterward . ” Ye Yafei gestured at her friends to sit down . Her gaze shifted to Chaoge and she was going to ask Chaoge to stand behind her like a maid, but —

Feng Wu acted first and pressed Chaoge down in a chair . “Chaoge, take a seat . ”

Ye Yafei smirked . She hadn’t even started yet .  Well, sit all you want . Let’s see how long you can keep your seat!

Feng Wu and Chaoge sat at one corner of the table .

Ye Yafei was enjoying her conversation with her friends .

They were obviously shutting out Feng Wu and Chaoge, but Feng Wu couldn’t care less .

“Sister Yafei, you said you were going to tell us great news . What is it?” Huo Yin played along .

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Ye Yafei glanced at Feng Wu with a gloating smile . “It’s not settled yet, but I’m sure I’ll get that manor!”

“Which manor?” Wen Ling asked curiously .

“Well… I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that Zuo Qingluan told me about it in a letter . She said that the manor had great fengshui and was perfect for cultivation . So, she said she had to have it . ”

“So, you’re not buying it, but Sister Zuo is?” Liu Hao asked in excitement when he heard Zuo Qingluan’s name .

“That’s right . It’s going to be Sister Zuo’s house and I’m only buying it on her behalf . ” Ye Yafei switched to a mysterious tone . “Can you guess which manor it is?”

“Which one?” all her friends asked curiously .

“Feng Wu, aren’t you curious?” Ye Yafei stared at Feng Wu with a half-smile .

Grand Secretary Fang’s manor was right next to the Feng manor and only a wall away from Feng Wu’s Fallen Star Yard .

How angry and scared would Feng Wu be if she knew that Zuo Qingluan was going to become her next door neighbor? Ye Yafei was greatly satisfied by the thought!

Who could have expected that the haughty, aloof Feng Wu would one day live under such conditions, hahaha —

Feng Wu glanced at Ye Yafei casually . “Nope . ”

“Heh . ” Ye Yafei snorted . “You’ll cry your eyes out after the purchase goes through!”

Feng Wu shrugged indifferently .

However, she was secretly alarmed .

Feng Wu had thought that Ye Yafei was the other bidder and hadn’t taken the competition too seriously . But Zuo Qingluan? If that was the case, would Feng Xun be influential enough? Should she ask for Lady Northern Feng instead? Feng Wu pondered the matter .

Then, Ye Yafei and her friends —

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