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Chapter 440: 440

“Who’s Master Bian? Why do you all know that name?”

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“Seriously? You don’t know who Master Bian is? He’s the master who took part in building Imperial College’s essence-gathering formation!”

Mr Mo’s face lit up when he saw Master Bian . “Master Bian! It’s nice to see you here in Elegant Ink Gallery again!”

Formations were related to antiques, which was why Master Bian was a frequent customer here .

Crossing his hands behind his back, Master Bian nodded at Mr Mo with a stern look on his face .

He then turned to the Whistling Vase on the table . Before he said anything, his servant provided him with a pair of fine white gloves .

The impassive expression still on his face, Master Bian put on the gloves before he picked up the vase . He then examined it inch by inch with a magnifying glass .

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All eyes were on Master Bian .

Master Bian had helped build Imperial College’s essence-gathering formation and was well-known on the continent . He was a famous figure in both the formation and antiques circles!

His words were deemed authoritative .

“What do you think?” Mr Mo clenched his fists and looked at Master Bian nervously .

Master Bian focused mainly on the signature on the base . Finally, he turned his sharp gaze on Feng Wu . “The signature belongs to Master Yu Wei and this isn’t fake . ”


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Everyone looked at Feng Wu strangely after that initial exclamation .

Especially Ye Yafei, who smirked at Feng Wu . “Feng Wu, even Master Bian has confirmed that this Whistling Vase is authentic and that this is Master Yu Wei’s real signature . What else do you have to say?”

Mr Mo put on a most aggrieved look . “Miss Feng Wu, are you still going to insist that this vase is fake?”

Master Bian stared at Feng Wu with animosity .

The wise-looking old man in the crowd looked even more intrigued .

However, Feng Wu didn’t seem bothered at all . There was something utterly confident about her when she smiled . “Yes, it’s a fake . ”

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By then, the others were staring at Feng Wu in disbelief .

She denied it stubbornly even when Master Bian had drawn his conclusion . There was something wrong with this girl’s character .

Ye Yafei burst into laughter . “I’ve never met anyone as shameless as you . Feng Wu, how can you be so disgusting? It won’t turn into a fake just because you say so!”

Mr Mo also smirked . “Miss Feng, if you don’t have that much money on you today, it won’t be a problem . Everyone here are witnesses . I can go to the Feng clan to claim it . ”

Even Master Bian was sneering at Feng Wu . He sighed and shook his head . “I knew the one-time genius girl had fallen, but how could you have turned into this shameless person? What a pity…”

That was a very harsh thing to say!

As an elderly master, he had made such a comment about Feng Wu, a teenage girl… one couldn’t help but wonder what grudge he could have against Feng Wu .

What he said inferred that it was Feng Wu’s fault and made her a target .

And many agreed with Master Bian .

They pitied the one-time genius girl for the loss of her abilities . However, now that she had turned into this impudent girl, that pity turned into abhorrence right away .

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