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Chapter 441

The wise-looking old man was the only one frowning at Master Bian .

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Feng Wu had no idea what was going on in the crowd . No matter how hard the others tried to smear her reputation, she wasn’t intimidated at all .

Darting a casual glance at Master Bian, she said unhurriedly, “Master Bian, are you sure about your conclusion?”

Master Bian said arrogantly, “Of course!”

“On your reputation?”

Master Bian threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . A girl like this wasn’t even qualified to talk to him on any given day .

However, all eyes were watching and Master Bian had to reply in a condescending tone, “Sure . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “Are you sure you don’t want to examine it again? Your entire reputation is at stake . ”

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“Hahaha —” Master Bian snorted . “That’s ridiculous . You’re questioning the judgement of Bian Youliang . This Whistling Vase is authentic and I can guarantee it on my reputation!”

“Smack —”

The next second, Feng Wu grabbed the Whistling Vase and smashed it onto Master Bian’s head!

It happened so suddenly that it took everyone by surprise .

When they realized what had happened, they saw that Master Bian had a bloody cut on his head .

The crowd was speechless .

Looking at Master Bian, who stood there with a bloody forehead, and Feng Wu, who was as confident as ever, in turn, they didn’t know how to react .

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“You —” Only then did Master Bian react to the attack, and he glared at Feng Wu .

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu said in a cold, harsh tone, “How can you miss that? You’re a Master-level formation master! Do you even know how to use your eyes? I should have dug out your eyeballs and fed them to the dogs, but I’m more merciful than that . Instead, I only borrowed your head!”

Feng Wu said it in a tone of a superior reprimanding their subordinate .

Master Bian was speechless .

So was everyone else .

“You —” Master Bian glared at Feng Wu .

“I what?!” Feng Wu smirked . “The only thing authentic about this Whistling Vase is the base . The rest of the vase was stuck on afterward . Only an imbecile like you would call the thing an authentic piece and endorse this Elegant Ink Gallery . That Mr Mo over there is making money and calling you an idiot in his head!”

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The well-respected Master Bian couldn’t stand Feng Wu’s insult!

Everyone was looking forward to seeing what Master Bian would do to Feng Wu now .

However, the look on Master Bian’s face changed abruptly .

He turned around and stared at Mr Mo!

Mr Mo was hesitating at that moment, and shaken by Master Bian’s sudden stare, he couldn’t hide that expression on his face quickly enough .

That alarmed Master Bian . Without thinking, he crouched down, took out his magnifying glass, and examined the pieces inch by inch .

He blanched right away!

Turning to Mr Mo, Master Bian asked, “What did you say the level of the formation in this Whistling Vase was?”

“M- Master-level…”

Master Bian grabbed an antique bottle and smashed it against Mr Mo’s forehead!

“A Master-level formation? Don’t make me laugh!” Master Bian pointed at one of the broken pieces . “If that’s really the case, why isn’t there any trace left at the eye of the formation? Answer me!”

“Well… well…” A bitter taste filled Mr Mo’s mouth .

He turned to Ye Yafei with a pleading look .

How could he have anticipated that someone as inconsequential as Duan Chaoge would have such a capable friend? Mr Mo thought that he had everything under control when he set the girl up with this fake piece .

Just then —

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