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Published at 22nd of February 2020 02:50:13 PM
Chapter 429

Chapter 429: The Dispirited Crown Prince

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If Feng Wu had only thought the Fang manor a possible choice before, she was now determined to become the next owner of the manor!

“Uncle Qiu, I don’t think you should get involved . Let Yu Mingye do it,” Feng Wu said .

She couldn’t let Uncle Qiu be seen in the Fang manor, for many people knew Uncle Qiu as Feng Wu’s steward and they would be easily reminded of Feng Wu .

Before she was influential enough, Feng Wu would try to stay as low-key as possible .

That way, her uncle wouldn’t be alerted and she could avoid getting shouted at .

Uncle Qiu nodded with a smile . “No problem . ”

He turned to leave after that, but he stopped all of a sudden . Turning around, he looked at Feng Wu in surprise .

That gave Feng Wu the creeps . “Uncle Qiu, what’s wrong?”

“Miss, I —” Tears welled up in Uncle Qiu’s eyes .

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All eyes were on Uncle Qiu . What was wrong?

Granny Zhao was especially nervous . Staring at Uncle Qiu, she prompted, “Speak! What is it?!”

“Sob —” Uncle Qiu broke into uncontrollable sobs .

“What on earth happened? Tell me! Gosh, you’re killing me here!” Granny Zhao was exasperated .

She thought that some other unspeakable rumor about her mistress was going around again .

“I… I think I’m going to break through…” Uncle Qiu looked at Feng Wu in excitement . “Miss! Miss! I’m going to level up!”

Uncle Qiu had been stuck at Level 8 for so many years . He had kept trying, but without success . However, after trying the manual Miss Feng Wu gave him last night —

And today…

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Feng Wu was also pleasantly surprised .

She had expected to see progress in Uncle Qiu in ten days, but as it turned out, it only took Uncle Qiu one day to achieve that .

It seemed that Uncle Qiu had more potential than she expected .

That was great, for the stronger Uncle Qiu was, the safer this family would become .

Feng Wu said in a hurry, “Your top priority now is to break through . Miss this one and you’ll never know when your next epiphany will be . ”

Uncle Qiu nodded repeatedly, for Feng Wu was telling the truth .

“Uncle Qiu, leave the purchase of the house to me . I’ll go get Yu Mingye . ”

“But, Miss…”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you as a Level 9 Spiritual Master when I come back . ” Feng Wu beamed at him .

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“Of course!” Uncle Qiu nodded in excitement .

Feng Wu thought to herself as she walked out that Uncle Qiu alone wasn’t going to be enough to guard her family . She would have to hire more loyal servants when she had the chance .

She was out of the manor and a street away from home by the time she realized something —

She didn’t know where Yu Mingye lived .

Uncle Qiu had his address, but —

Feng Wu smiled in resignation . Uncle Qiu was at the critical point of his breakthrough, which could take anything from hours to days . She couldn’t afford to wait that long .

Well, she had to get Feng Xun now, which didn’t make any difference to her .

The crown prince’s residence .

“Your Royal Highness —”

Jun Linyuan was sitting there in a trance-like state .

That was something he had never done before . But now, he was sitting by Nameless Lake and staring at the swans on it with a blank face…

Chang San hurried over at that moment .

As the captain of His Royal Highness’s personal guard, Chang San had been sent to keep a watch on the Feng manor . What had he ever done to deserve that?

“Your Royal Highness, Miss Feng Wu went to Northern Feng Mansion —”

Then, to Chang San’s astonishment!

His dispirited master bolted up from the rocking chair like a spring and grabbed him by the collar . “What did you say?!”

His Royal Highness was so frightening —

Chang San shuddered at his furious voice!

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