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Chapter 383: 383

Jun Linyuan’s attitude toward Feng Wu would decide how his servants treated Feng Wu, and all eyes were on Feng .

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Feng had always been discreet with his words . He wasn’t going to reveal anything before the crown prince said something himself .

Hence, he said with a straight face, “Just wait and see . ”

He believed that anyone that wasn’t blind would soon see the truth .

However, the maids in the residence were a different story .

“Sister Zhen Xia, Sister Zhen Xia —” A young maid named Mengyu dashed into a small courtyard with the hem of her dress lifted off the ground . Zhen Xia was doing some sewing when Mengyu grabbed her hand . “Sister Zhen Xia! Bad news!”

As one of the senior maids who worked for Jun Linyuan, there was something very calm about Zhen Xia .

She gave Mengyu an unhurried glance . “Catch your breath, then speak . ”

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Mengyu stomped her foot . “Sister Zhen Xia, you have to do something! That Miss Wu is here again!”

Zhen Xia raised a pretty eyebrow . “The Miss Wu that used to be engaged to His Royal Highness?”

“That’s her!” Mengyu was almost in tears . “She’s shameless! Last time, she pretended to pass out to get His Royal Highness to carry her back, and she’s all over His Royal Highness again! She’s here in the manor . I overheard that she was going to cook for His Royal Highness!”

The frown on Zhen Xia’s face grew bigger .

She was making a new robe for Jun Linyuan .

He never wore the same robe twice, which meant that he needed new ones all the time .

Zhen Xia smiled . “Maybe she was only joking . No young lady can be that shameless . ”

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“She wasn’t! Sister Zhen Xia, His Royal Highness isn’t going to marry her, is he? As His Royal Highness’s maids, we can’t let someone as useless as her become our lady, right?”

Even Mengyu, the lowest-ranked maid, dreamed about marrying Jun Linyuan one day, to say nothing of Zhen Xia, the senior maid .

Ssss —

The needle jabbed into Zhen Xia’s finger and she frowned in pain .

“Sister Zhen Xia —” Mengyu stomped her foot in exasperation .

“Since His Royal Highness didn’t throw her out, who are we to get rid of her?” Picking up the black brocade robe, Zhen Xia went back to her sewing . She said slowly, “You’ve delivered the message, now go back to your work . ”

“Gosh!” Mengyu stomped her foot one more time before dashing off .

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If Sister Zhen Xia wouldn’t do anything, she would go to Sister Yu Chun instead!

Watching Mengyu leave, Zhen Xia narrowed her eyes a little… Feng Wu was back again .

She put down the robe and sat down at her desk . She then took out a piece of paper and quickly wrote a letter .

Feng Wu wouldn’t like this letter at all, for the envelope read: For Miss Zuo Qingluan’s eyes only  .

Writing the letter was quick, but sending it out wasn’t as easy a task . Zhen Xia was still able to make it happen .

Since Zhen Xia wouldn’t do anything, Mengyu went to Yu Chun .


Yu Chun wasn’t as level-headed as Zhen Xia . She smacked the table and rose to her feet . “Feng Wu followed His Royal Highness in? What did His Royal Highness say? Did he have her thrown out?”

“No . ” Mengyu was almost in tears . “His Royal Highness went back to his room and ignored her . But Miss Wu is so shameless . She went to the kitchen and insisted on cooking for His Royal Highness, thinking that she can seduce His Royal Highness that way . She’s so…”

“What about Chang San and Mr Feng? Why didn’t they stop her?” Yu Chun was furious . That useless Feng Wu had to be delirious to think that she could have something to do with the crown prince!

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