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Chapter 384: 384

Yu Chun couldn’t even stand to hear Feng Wu’s name mentioned alongside the crown prince .

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“Chang San didn’t seem happy and Mr Feng wouldn’t do anything about it… That’s how Feng Wu was able to get in! Shame on her!”

Mengyu had stopped addressing Feng Wu as “Miss . ”

As a servant of the crown prince, she deemed herself superior to everyone else .

“Men are not suitable for this kind of thing . ” Yu Chun gave a wave of her hand . “We can’t let her do this to His Royal Highness . Come! Let’s see what she’s doing!”

As Jun Linyuan’s senior maid, Yu Chun had two maids of her own . On her way to the kitchen, many heard that Yu Chun was going after Feng Wu, and more people joined them . In the end, there were over a dozen of them .

Feng had gone back to the main hall to wait on the crown prince .

Chang San was pondering Jun Linyuan’s actual attitude toward Feng Wu . So, no one noticed Yu Chun’s actions .


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Yu Chun kicked the door to the small kitchen open .

That “small” was relative to the main kitchen .

In fact, the “small” kitchen was nearly 500 square meters in size .

Feng Wu was going to make ten dishes in total and she had finished five of them already . The door was kicked open when she moved onto the sixth .

Feng Wu looked back involuntarily .

Yu Chun’s head went blank when she saw Feng Wu .

She was so beautiful!

Those exquisite features, that snowy complexion, and her elegant composure… Her beauty was dazzling!

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It had only been five years and Feng Wu had turned into such a beauty!

Instantly, Yu Chun felt like an ugly duckling herself and she was overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority .

“Sister Yu Chun, do you think we should tell Granny Yu about this?” Mengyu reminded Yu Chun .

Yu Chun had always been an impetuous girl . She had only been able to make it to the senior maid position because she had a good mother — Granny Yu used to be Jun Linyuan’s wet nurse .

Hence, Yu Chun had always felt that she was superior to any other servant in the residence and that she was the closest person to the crown prince .

With her own maids, gradually, she began to consider herself a noble lady .

And that was why she was bold enough to challenge Feng Wu .

Narrowing her eyes, Yu Chun charged at Feng Wu and yelled, “You’re that daughter of the Feng family?”

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Yu Chun had been Jun Linyuan’s maid since she was little and Feng Wu had met her before .

“What? I’m too pretty after five years for you to recognize?” Feng Wu said with a half-smile .

Feng Wu had nothing nice to say to this girl, who had been drooling over her master since childhood and who was talking to her with such animosity .

Those words successfully shut Yu Chun up . Flames of jealousy surged out of Yu Chun’s eyes and she screamed, “You slut!”

Feng Wu was never known for her good temper . And she certainly wouldn’t stay silent when someone insulted her like that .


Feng Wu slapped Yu Chun .

It was quick, accurate, and very hard . It made Yu Chun spin like a top .

No one had expected Feng Wu to hit Yu Chun all of a sudden… everyone was astonished .

“How dare you hit me?!” Yu Chun was furious .

Her contempt for Feng Wu was genuine!

The Feng clan? That declining family was nothing compared with the crown prince!

Feng Wu? She was a genius, but she was useless now! She was nothing to His Royal Highness!

Just like how others addressed Chang San as General Chang, other young ladies would fawn over Yu Chun when she went out . How dare this shameless Feng Wu hit her?!

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