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Published at 31st of January 2020 04:45:06 AM
Chapter 382: 382

Feng Wu looked up at Jun Linyuan, stuck out her delicate little chin, and patted her chest confidently . “I can cook anything . Whatever you want to eat, just tell me!”

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Her big eyes were so limpid and her eyelashes batted like two little fans . She looked so lovely when she needed him…

Jun Linyuan gave her a haughty glance . “You mean it?”

“Of course!” Feng Wu said in excitement .

All she needed to do was make this impossible crown prince happy . She would get him nice food, entertain him, and keep his mood buoyant . That way, she would get what she wanted in the end!

“Let’s see what you can do . ” Jun Linyuan kept his face very straight .

Once the carriage stopped and everyone got out, Feng was amazed to see the crown prince leading the way, looking exactly like a superior leader should, while Miss Wu, who had thrown such a tantrum only moments ago, followed behind the crown prince like a little maid .

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With his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan looked as proud as a peacock with its tail fanning out .

Miss Wu, on the other hand, seemed to be fawning over him with all the nice words she could think of .

This didn’t seem right…

Feng was puzzled and felt uneasy .

Feng Wu ran after Jun Linyuan and asked in an enthusiastic voice, “What would you like? My porridge is very tasty . Or noodles, if you feel like it . As for the dishes… I remember that you didn’t like food with strong flavors back in Northern Border City . I can make something light . And…”

Jun Linyuan frowned when he recalled all those dishes Feng Xun and the others gobbled down before he could have any . He snorted . “I’ll have what you made last time . ”

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He would like to see Feng Xun try to take his food this time!

Feng Wu nodded immediately . “No problem!”

Whether Jun Linyuan’s stomach could take that much spicy food wasn’t her concern . She only needed to make sure that he was happy .

“Mr Feng, Mr Feng, where’s the kitchen?” Feng Wu ran up to Feng cheerfully .

Feng still hadn’t gotten over his bewilderment, but he hid it very well . He smiled politely . “Miss Wu, do you need to cook? We have a small kitchen just around the corner . ”

The residence was way too big and its wall ran down the entire length of the street . It would take them 15 minutes on foot to get to the main kitchen .

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Jun Linyuan went back to the main hall, while Feng showed Feng Wu to the small kitchen .

There was everything: vegetables, fish, meat, you name it . Everything except for hot peppers . But that wouldn’t be a problem, for Feng Wu had all the condiments she needed stored in her ring .

This was the second time Feng Wu had set foot in the crown prince’s residence .

Although she had been unconscious the last time she was here .

Chang San was shocked to see Feng Wu . Pulling Feng to the side, he said, “Mr Feng, isn’t that… Miss Feng Wu? Why did you bring her here? His Royal Highness doesn’t like her . Wouldn’t he be angry?”

There weren’t many servants in the crown prince’s residence, but every single one of them was very loyal .

With a master like Jun Linyuan, the price of disloyalty was death . No one wanted that!

The crown prince hardly ever brought any woman back, but today, a girl had just walked in, alive! Everyone was eager for some gossip and they all gathered around Chang San, then looked at Feng expectantly .

Feng frowned . “His Royal Highness doesn’t like Miss Wu?” How had Chang San come to that conclusion?

As Jun Linyuan’s personal guard, Chang San was very confident in his observation . “It’s true . I saw it with my own eyes . His Royal Highness was so mad last time because of her!”

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