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Chapter 37

Chapter 37: You’ve Stepped on Someone

Since the Immortal Spirit Fruit was right before her eyes, she wasn’t the least bit worried that Jun Lin Yuan wouldn’t be able to obtain it, what she was worried about was that after Jun Lin Yuan had obtained the fruit, how could she rob the Immortal Spirit Fruit from his hands.

Feng Wu fiercely suppressed the excitement in her heart and commanded her brain to work quickly.

And at this moment, Jun Lin Yuan already rushed straight to the peak of the overhanging cliff!

This cliff was somewhat special. From the bottom to the summit, the way was completely covered with vines, lush branches and leaves, without a patch of bareness.

In the dark, Jun Lin Yuan borrowed a dark protrusion against the cliff and rotated his body to move up top as his entire body leapt to

the summit.

Just when Jun Lin Yuan leapt up, that dark protrusion that he used to brace himself on, suddenly swayed a bit before a miserable scream sounded out!

However, Jun Lin Yuan didn’t pay any attention to this blood-curdling scream at all as he threw himself above the overhanging cliff.

Feng Xun had been following behind Jun Lin Yuan, that’s why he paid attention to that miserable scream, that’s why after he flew over the cliff, he had some misgivings and said to Jun Lin Yuan. “Just now, it seems you’ve stepped on someone.”

“I didn’t.” Jun Lin Yuan didn’t admit it. At this moment, his attention was completely focused on the Immortal Spirit Fruit before him.

Seeing the moonlight penetrate the thick layers of clouds like running water sloping down. The Immortal Spirit Flower was just like white jade magnolia in the moonlight’s glow

glow blossoming slowly. Even the naked eye could see the speed at which it bore the Immortal Spirit Fruit.

The fruit was as fair as jade, sparkling and translucent, so beautiful it made a person hold their breath.

That dense spirit qi even more so, made every pore in a person’s body open because of it.

Encircling the Immortal Spirit Fruit was a sparkling and translucent snake skin——–

“This snake skin——this is the Jade Saint Python’s molted skin, moreover based on the color, it’s already molted nine times……what a frightening strength. If we’re to face it……Boss Jun, do you have the confidence of winning?” Feng Xun already completely forgot about the matter of stepping on somebody. Right now, his mind was filled with this as pure as jade, ninth evolution Saint Jade Python skin.

Jun Lin Yuan pair of sword shaped eyebrows moved slightly. “Both sides suffer.”


sides suffer.”

Feng Xun patted the center of his stomach in joy. “Ha ha ha, fortunately, Boss Jun set Yu Ming Ye up and had their people lead the python away. Otherwise, even if we won by luck, it’s inevitable that we’d have to pay a painful price. Sigh, if Yu MIng Ye knew that he’s the mantis that stalks the cicada while we’re the oriole behind, wonder if he’d go insane with anger.”

“Yu Ming……?” Jun Lin Yuan’s slightly puzzled.

Feng Xun was dumbfounded. “Yu Ming Ye, Yu Ming Ye, Yu Ming Ye……Boss Jun, are you for real? Yu Ming Ye indeed can be considered your greatest rival, all day long he jumps up and down in front of you to make his existence known, yet you surprisingly can’t even remember his name?”

Jun Lin Yuan’s handsome brows knitted slightly. “Not necessary.”

Feng Xun couldn’t help but couldn’t help but observe a three second moment of silence in his heart on Yu Ming Ye’s behalf. “Pitiful little guy, Yu, if he knows that the one he considers as his greatest rival surprisingly can’t even remember his name, moreover, he simply doesn’t plan to remember it……will he go insane from anger? Sigh, fortunately, he’s not here, otherwise, he might explode.”

Jun Lin Yuan disagreed as his as fair as jade fingers lightly plucked. The Immortal Spirit Fruit automatically flew into a white jade box in his hand.

After the Immortal Spirit Fruit flew in, ‘patta’ sounded, the white jade box closed and automatically locked.

Jun Lin Yuan’s body turned, robe fluttering in the wind, borrowing the cliff’s potential energy, his body headed down.

As he descended, he again stepped on the black ball which previously stuck out from the cliff, but he ignored it——

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