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Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Miserable Young man——-

And at this moment——on the ground, there only remained two people, Feng Wu and Fairy Mu Yao.

As for Butler Feng, naturally wherever Jun Lin Yuan went, he would be there.

Feng Wu watched Jun Lin Yuan turn his body and descend, the light in those eyes was deeply attracted by that white jade box in his hand!

Immortal Spirit Fruit! Immortal Spirit Fruit! The Immortal Spirit Fruit that would allow her to cultivate again!

Feng Wu’s heart was in ecstasy, moved, so excited that her whole body couldn’t keep itself from trembling violently……Feng Wu was afraid that her eyes would reveal too much, so she purposefully kept her head down, not wanting the sharp minded Jun Lin Yuan to decipher any clues.

However, Feng Xun had always been very concerned about Feng Wu. He saw Feng Wu trembling,

and at once was worried. “Why is your whole body shaking? Are you feeling ill? Could it be that you’ve caught a cold from the night wind?”

Feng Wu always constantly lowered her own presence, but with Feng Xun caring for her like this, once again she had became the focus of everyone.

Fairy Mu Yao unhappily said. “Caught a cold? In my opinion, she’s probably so excited from seeing the Immortal Spirit Fruit that her whole body’s trembling? Didn’t I say already, she’s a spy!”

Feng Xun was so angry he glared at her. He didn’t scold Fairy Mu Yao, rather, he warned Xuan Yi. “I’ve never beaten a woman before, but that doesn’t mean at all that I won’t beat a loathsome woman.”

Xuan Yi silently threw a glance at Feng Xun, he really couldn’t figure out, what ability did this Little

Little Fifth have that she could make this Young Prince from the Northwind Prince’s Mansion protect her this way.

Thinking of this, Xuan Yi patted Fairy Mu Yao and admonished her. “Did you hear that? You understand? Have you remembered it?”

This attitude, clearly showed that he was avoiding responsibility. If Fairy Mu Yao was beaten by Feng Xun, he wouldn’t get involved in it.

Fairy Mu Yao wanted to cry but had no tears……other family’s cousin defended their family member in all kinds of ways. Why was it that her cousin didn’t protect her even a little!

At this moment, however, Jun Lin Yuan’s eyes moved slightly. He ignored the surging undercurrents in front of him, and only indifferently said one sentence. “The ninth evolution Jade Saint Python is coming back soon, let’s go.”

Thereupon, the people under Jun Lin Yuan’s guide rapidly evacuated.

Not long


Not long after this group departed, at that overhanging cliff, the head that was concealed by that lush vegetation, at this moment, finally moved.

Crack crack crack——once that young man’s hand was set loose, his body immediately tumbled from the cliff!

Crash crash crash——fortunately, the entire way down was completely covered by vines and leaves. He fell the all the way down to the ground, and fell on top of a pile of light yellow dried grass.

“Ptooey pah pah——”

An enchanting and exceptional demonically charming young man, crawled out with difficulty from a pile of grass.

His head, his body, his clothes were all totally dirtied with straw, especially on his head. Because he rolled all the way down from the cliff, his entire head became like a bird’s nest and looked to be a terrible mess with weeds sticking out everywhere.

This originally exceptionally enchanting young exceptionally enchanting young man who now looked battered and exhausted was indeed none other than the one Feng Xun previously mentioned, Yu Ming Ye.

This young man could be said to have been chased by bad luck……

From the start, he indeed held the advantage, and arrived at Mysterious Ice Canyon a step before Jun Lin Yuan.

Because he used a special method to control the Black Luminary Wolf pack, attempted to use these thousands of Black Luminary Wolves to hinder Jun Lin Yuan.


Yu Ming Ye had no way of knowing, that when he was on the verge of reaching the peak, just when he was only ten meters away from the Immortal Spirit Fruit——

That eight evolutions Jade Saint Python, finally cultivated to the ninth evolution and attained an immortal body!

An ice-cold poisonous ray shot forth from the Jade Saint Python’s forehead!


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