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Published at 24th of January 2020 02:45:07 PM
Chapter 369: 369
Chapter 369: Your Royal Highness, How Can You Stand It?!

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Meanwhile, many had realized another thing —

Yan Yan had really poisoned Lady Tang!

She had admitted it herself!

Sir Yan took a deep breath and closed his eyes .

A stupid alliance could do more damage than a formidable enemy . He had known from the start that Yan Yan was the real culprit and Feng Wu was innocent, but he had still coerced and bribed, trying his best to exonerate Yan Yan of the charge . But what did Yan Yan do?

Even a pig was smarter than she was!

Sir Yan thought he was going to have a stroke!

How could Yan Yan cry into Feng Wu’s lap now? Did she have no idea at all that she had been set up by Feng Wu from the very beginning?

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Sir Yan wanted to give his daughter a reminder, but Jun Linyuan cast a dangerous and grim look at him, which successfully frightened the father .

He didn’t dare defy the crown prince! Not in a million years!

Jun Linyuan then darted an arrogant look at Feng Wu . “It took you so long to take care of such a petty thing . You’d be dead by now without my help!”

She should get on her knees and thank him now!

Feng Wu got Jun Linyuan’s implied message right away, which made her roll her eyes . “Jun Linyuan, are you an idiot? Since when do I need your help?”

She had had three backup plans ready!

And she could have finished Yan Yan off with any one of them like crushing an ant!

Everyone was shocked by Feng Wu’s words!

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Exactly how bold was this woman? Not only did she address the crown prince by his name, she had also insulted him, calling him an idiot!

She was so dead… Feng was going to throttle her!

Hence, all heads turned in unison .

Everyone eyed Feng in excitement and expectation .


Hadn’t he been just as relentless and exact when he had grabbed Yan Yan by the neck?

However, Feng only rubbed his nose and fell back . He then stood behind Jun Linyuan with his head lowered and his hands perfectly still, ignoring all the attention .

The crowd was speechless .

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Then, they turned to look at Jun Linyuan instead!

Your Royal Highness, she just called you an idiot! How can you stand that?!

The teenager was supposed to be one of the most powerful men in the land, whose wrath could set the sky on fire and cause earthquakes . The sanctity of his honor shouldn’t be challenged!

As expected, Jun Linyuan kept his cold gaze on Feng Wu!

Feng Wu glared back, her gaze equally intense . She reminded Jun Linyuan of an angry little lion!

The longer Jun Linyuan looked at her, the more interesting he found her . Before he knew it, he had raised a hand and was about to rub her head . He was halfway there when he realized what he was doing and he put his hand back down in embarrassment . Crossing his hands behind his back and raising his chin, he said in a haughty voice, “You two-faced woman!”

No… this wasn’t right!

The crowd was completely baffled!

What they hoped to see was the crown prince grabbing Feng Wu by her thin neck and snapping it with a crack! They were hoping to see the beauty dead!

Not this… affectionate bickering!

What were the two of them doing, being all lovey-dovey? Stop it!

Bah — no, that was definitely not what was happening here . The crown prince and Feng Wu found each other repulsive! There was no lovey-dovey thing going on between them!

The crowd consisted mostly of teenage girls, who were a very imaginative lot . All their eyes were on Feng Wu now and they prayed for Feng Wu to piss off the crown prince again .

And Feng Wu didn’t let them down .

She snorted and revealed her plan . “Plan A, I would let Yan Yan pretend… Plan B… Plan C…”

Feng Wu was very pleased with her plans and she darted a proud look at Jun Linyuan .

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