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Chapter 352: 352

“Miss Yan!”

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And that table was the one Mrs Zuo and Mrs Qian were sitting at . Both ladies tried to stop Yan Yan from falling, but they were too late .

Yan Yan’s entire head was in the soup pot and her hair was soaked with grease .

When she was helped to her feet, she had a pigeon wing sticking out of her hair, which looked rather funny .

“Ahhh!” Yan Yan screamed frantically . She threw Mrs Zuo’s hands off and charged at Feng Wu, still holding the dagger!

“Stop it!” A stern voice ran out .

Mrs Yan had come out with her elderly mother-in-law .

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The old lady, in whose name the banquet was being held, wore a birthday outfit decorated with dark golden thread . Her silver hair was neatly combed, giving her a stern and dignified look .

Mrs Yan looked equally stern and she glared at Yan Yan . “Stop right there!”

Yan Yan had always been terrified of her mother and she cried out furiously, “She hit me and pushed me into a pot of soup! Mother, I won’t have it!”

Feng Wu smirked . “Are you saying that you can slander me all you want and I can’t do anything about it? Why should I stand it when you can’t?”

Seeing Mrs Yan, the other ladies eyed Feng Wu with sympathy .

Mrs Yan always took the side of her own people and she doted on Yan Yan . Feng Wu was unbelievably bold to strike Yan Yan first… she was so dead .

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The old lady’s and Mrs Yan’s faces were livid!

Mrs Yan knew Yan Yan too well . When she saw what was going on, there was no doubt in her mind that Yan Yan had provoked Feng Wu first . Hence, she glowered at Yan Yan and said harshly, “You’re too old to say such capricious things! Are you a child? Go clean yourself up!”

“But —”

“Now!” Mrs Yan was very intimidating when she straightened her face .

Yan Yan would have stormed off on any other day, but now, she only stood there stubbornly with tears in her eyes .

“Mrs Yan, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry —”

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Only then did Lady Wang and Feng Liu arrive at the table, and both apologized repeatedly to Mrs Yan . “It was all Feng Wu’s fault . No matter what Miss Yan said, she shouldn’t have hit her . This girl is really… Mrs Yan, feel free to punish her as you see fit . ”

After apologizing to Mrs Yan, Lady Wang turned to scold Feng Wu . “Have you forgotten what I told you before we left home? I told you to be demure and obedient . You’re not what you used to be! WIthout any cultivation, how can you still be this proud? Get down on your knees and apologize to Miss Yan and Mrs Yan now!”

Mrs Yan had mixed feelings toward Feng Wu .

She had disliked Feng Wu at first, but then, she couldn’t deny her appreciation for Feng Wu anymore . There was even a time when she had wanted Feng Wu to treat her…

“We can’t afford the apology of the superior Feng family!” The old lady was relentless with her words as she glared at them . “I see that the Feng clan is too prestigious for our Yan family to befriend . Mrs Feng, please take your daughters and leave!”

Everyone said a slight prayer for Feng Wu… The old lady was banishing her in front of everyone; how was the Feng clan ever going to establish themselves in society again? And what about Feng Wu?

Feng Wu, however, smirked . “I see that the elderly Mrs Yan has such strict domestic discipline . Is that why Miss Yan knows how to come up with the most groundless slander? She’s so good at framing other people, ruining their reputation, and spreading rumors . Is that all the result of your teaching?”


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