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Chapter 331

That was exactly what Feng Yanfeng had been lamenting! He had never hated Feng Wu so much!

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The royal family would never have broken off the engagement if she hadn’t become crippled . And if that hadn’t happened, the Feng clan wouldn’t have declined so significantly until it lost its status as one of the nine major clans and become one of the nobodies .

“I was told that the crippled girl of your clan has come back to the imperial capital?” Yan asked in passing .

“Sir Yan, you know about that as well?”

Yan gave him a half-smile . “After all, she was engaged to His Royal Highness once and she’ll always get unwanted attention for it . Poor kid . I can’t imagine what family would want her as a daughter-in-law . ”

Feng Yanfeng couldn’t get those words out of his head on his way back home .

No family would want Feng Wu as their daughter-in-law?

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Who would dare marry a girl who had been the crown prince’s fiancee once?

Flying Snow Building .

Lady Wang had calmed down since talking to Feng Wu, and her head had spun the entire afternoon . She was trying to figure out a way to get rid of Feng Wu without raising an alarm .

She set that task aside when Feng Yanfeng came back .

Feng Yanfeng had taken several concubines over the years, but thanks to her perfect superficial charms, Lady Wang had never fallen out of favor .

Seeing that Feng Yanfeng was frowning, she asked, “My lord, what’s bothering you?”

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Feng Yanfeng sighed . “I met the crown prince today . ”

Lady Wang’s eyes lit up . Had her husband somehow gotten into the crown prince’s circle?

Feng Yanfeng said, “I saw with my own eyes His Royal Highness come out with a girl hanging over his shoulder . After all these years, this is the first time the crown prince has shown up with a girl . It’s finally the time . ”

Lady Wang nodded . “I see . Well, he’s 18 now . ”

Feng Yanfeng sighed . “Xiao Wu is without cultivation and crippled now, not to mention that His Royal Highness has canceled their engagement . I can’t imagine that anyone would want to marry her . ”

Lady Wang laughed inwardly . It was a great pleasure for her to see Feng Wu in dire straits .

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“So, here’s what I’ve been thinking . How about we give Xiao Wu to His Royal Highness as a concubine?” Feng Yanfeng asked . “I’m not being boastful, but Xiao Wu is really a good-looking girl! If she puts her mind to it, there’s no reason that His Royal Highness wouldn’t like her . ”

Lady Wang’s heart sank!

Even as a woman, Lady Wang had to admit that Feng Wu was a rare beauty, which was why she would never let Feng Wu go to court!

She and Feng Wu had shed all pretense of cordiality, and once Feng Wu was in the crown prince’s good graces, she might give some thought to helping the Feng clan, but Lady Wang was sure that the girl wouldn’t even blink before ruining her!

A murderous look flickered in Lady Wang’s eyes, but she still beamed at Feng Yanfeng . “My lord, I’m not sure that would be appropriate…”

“Why?” Feng Yanfeng’s eyes widened . “If His Royal Highness really likes Xiao Wu, I won’t have to beg around for a same-level transfer from the Ministry of Rites to the Ministry of Official Personnel! His Royal Highness can make it happen with a flick of his finger! What do you have to lose if His Royal Highness doesn’t like her? She’s an abandoned pawn anyway . ”

Having dealt with Feng Wu herself, Lady Wang knew how tough an enemy Feng Wu was and she wasn’t going to give Feng Wu more opportunities!

However, Feng Yanfeng was really stubborn at the moment… trying to persuade him would only push him further away from Lady Wang .

The longer he thought about it, the more excited Feng Yanfeng became . He smacked the table and rose to his feet . “You know what? I need to tell Xiao Wu this great news now! Oh, and start working on Xiao Wu’s new clothes and jewelry . ”

Feng Yanfeng hurried off after that .

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