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Chapter 332

Lady Wang almost snapped as she watched her husband hurry off .

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Was he in a rush to tell Feng Wu, or was he too eager to see someone else?!!!

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was hanging over Jun Linyuan’s shoulder .

An excited voice was ringing in her head .

It was Little Phoenix, who was shouting at her . “Can you feel it? Can you feel it?”

“What?” Feng Wu was bewildered and replied in her head .

Little Phoenix was squeaking in excitement . “That man that showed up just then, he had something spectacular on him!”

“So?” Feng Wu wasn’t very interested .

“It was one of the key pieces to waking up your master! Do you want to save him or not?”

“What?!” Feng Wu almost jumped to her feet . “Yes! Yes, I do!”

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Feng Wu got carried away and cried out loudly .

By now, Jun Linyuan had stuffed Feng Wu into the carriage and was bending down toward her when Feng Wu cried out, “I do . ”

Jun Linyuan smirked and caressed Feng Wu’s smooth cheek with his calloused fingertips, his voice husky . “You do?”

Feng Wu was startled by Jun Linyuan’s hot breath on her cheeks!

When she came back to herself, she realized that Jun Linyuan was way too close . His face was right in front of hers, to the point that she could accidentally kiss him —

“Kiss him! Kiss! Now!!!” Little Phoenix squeaked . It would be shoving on the back of Feng Wu’s head if it was outside now!

However, Feng Wu pushed Jun Linyuan away and dashed diagonally to the corner on the other side of the carriage .

It was as far away as she could get inside this carriage .

Little Phoenix felt like crying!

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“Gosh! It’s not like you haven’t kissed him before! You’ve done it three times already! What difference will it make to do it again?” Little Phoenix cried out .

“Kiss him and I can get out of here! I’ll be able to protect you and fly you around! Just kiss him! I’m begging you!”

Feng Wu pursed her lips and shook her head repeatedly . “He kissed me just then in Beyond World . Why are you still not out?”

“Geeze! You call that a kiss? You were biting him! Your tongue has to touch his to lure that abnormal flame to your side when his guard is down! Pull yourself together!”

Feng Wu wanted to cry!

She didn’t want to pull anything!

Jun Linyuan raised his thick, straight eyebrows and stared at Feng Wu with his brooding eyes . He then smiled and beckoned at Feng Wu with a finger . “Get over here . ”

“No!” Feng Wu held onto the wall of the carriage and refused adamantly .

“I’ll go to you, then . ” Jun Linyuan rose to his feet .

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Seeing this, Feng Wu turned around and tried to jump out of the carriage!

However, she didn’t stand a chance when Jun Linyuan was around .

No one knew what happened, but before Feng Wu realized it, she was lying flat on her back . The next second, Jun Linyuan fell on top of her .

“Hm —”

Feng Wu grunted and grabbed onto Jun Linyuan’s arms involuntarily .

His impeccable face was right in front of her .

His straight eyebrows were full and dark .

His eyelashes were dense and curly .

His bright eyes were mesmerizing, and right now, they were staring at her, which reminded her of a cheetah looking at its prey!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Little Phoenix had lost hope already!

It was venting its grudges inwardly about how cowardly its master was, when the crown prince took the initiative and pinned Feng Wu down .

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Little Phoenix hooted like a cheerleader .

“You tripped me on purpose . ” Jun Linyuan blamed his victim first .

Feng Wu blinked . How she missed that old Jun Linyuan, who was aloof, detached, and treated her as if she didn’t exist…

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