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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:26 PM
Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

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With a glance at the crown prince, Chang San and the others left the room as quiet as cats and they even closed the door behind them .

“Where’s Xiaoqi? What have you done to him?” Feng Wu met Jun Linyuan’s gaze and her eyes flickered, as if they were emitting heat .

Jun Linyuan gestured at his lap .


Feng Wu looked at him in confusion .

Jun Linyuan darted her a lofty look . “Get up here yourself . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

She stared at Jun Linyuan in astonishment, looking like a bristling bird . She bit her lower lip so hard that it almost bled!

Feng Wu clenched her fists in rage . “Jun Linyuan! This is ridiculous!”

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The teenage crown prince felt like a different person from what she knew before .

He had been this aloof, detached, and cold person for as long as she could remember, but now, there was something mesmerizing in his eyes and she could almost call him enchanting .

“I thought you wanted to know if Feng Xiaoqi is still alive . ”

His casual tone made Feng Wu’s heart pound and her body went stiff!

“That can’t be! You took Xiaoqi away only for his blood . How can he be dead? Unless… unless!” Feng Wu’s pupils contracted and she glowered at Jun Linyuan with eyes that could spit fire . “Did you turn him into a walking dead blood container?!”

Jun Linyuan seemed to have made up his mind not to say a word!

“I don’t believe you!”

Feng Wu turned to leave, but she realized that she couldn’t pull the door open .

Frustrated, she ran to the window, trying to climb out from there .

However, it was as tightly shut as the door and it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard she tried .

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Feng Wu then pounded the wall, but the wood it was made from was harder than iron .

Turning around, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan then waved his hand and Feng Wu flew toward him despite herself!

Before she realized it, she was in Jun Linyuan’s arms .

Jun Linyuan chuckled and his eyes twinkled . His face was so close to hers .

Feng Wu raised a hand, trying to slap him!

However, his strong hand caught hers before she could touch him .

Infuriated, Feng Wu drew out a dagger with her free right hand and stabbed at Jun Linyuan’s heart!

Thud —

The dagger fell to the floor and both of Feng Wu’s arms were pinned behind her back .

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He was very close . She could smell his minty breath on her face .

The teenage girl had a soft tempting body and her pink lips looked as sweet as honey . He was tempted to taste them .

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Little Phoenix had been following the proceedings this whole time and it was going through a tumult of emotions . Right now, it flapped its wings and shook in excitement!

Kiss him and the abnormal flame would be complete . It would be able to get out!

“Where’s Xiaoqi?” Feng Wu looked at Jun Linyuan coldly .

The crown prince smiled a little . “I would have told you if you had sat on my lap willingly just then . ”

Jun Linyuan had never been a fan of restraining himself . He always followed his heart .

On his way back to the imperial capital, he had made a mental note: If he still couldn’t stop thinking about her after a month, he would never let her go .

Today was the last day of that one-month period and he couldn’t wait to see Feng Wu .

He always did what he wanted .

Feng Wu was practically fuming .

What happened to that proud, unattainable crown prince? This person in front of her here was acting like the biggest jerk!

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