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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:27 PM
Chapter 326

Chapter 326: So, Do You Want to Sit on My Lap?

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Feng Xun quickly slipped away after those words .

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes . Feng Xun was so evasive . Had something happened to Xiaoqi?

At that thought, she turned to the captain . “Take me to Jun Linyuan now!”

She was sure by now that their master could be no one but Jun Linyuan himself .

The captain showed Feng Wu all the way up the stairs .

They walked past the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors… until they were on the tenth, which was known as “Beyond World . ”

The entire tenth floor was empty and spacious .

A burlywood hollowed-out screen stood in the middle and smoke curled up in the air, giving the whole setting a charming atmosphere .

Feng Wu saw a graceful, aloof teenager on the other side of the screen . He sat there casually at a tea table .

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He had finely chiseled features that reminded one of a sculpture . Sitting there with his eyes lowered, he looked fairer than the ice on the highest mountain peaks .

There was something so elegant and unattainable about him .

Even without his noble status and his good looks, one couldn’t overlook that quality he possessed .

He was silently refusing the approach of any strangers with that unsmiling face .

Jun Linyuan!

Even Feng Wu was dazed a little when she saw Jun Linyuan sitting there like a classic beauty .

Inside the ring, Little Phoenix began to jump around as the tiny abnormal flame in Feng Wu’s mind began to stir . “Ahhh — The abnormal flame! The abnormal flame!”

Feng Wu kept her face straight and acted as if she had heard nothing .

Little Phoenix kept on pounding and scratching the wall and it screeched at the top of its lungs .

“Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him —” Little Phoenix flapped its wings and urged Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu was speechless .

Jun Linyuan raised his head and he looked as intimidating as ever .

He frowned and didn’t seem happy to see Feng Wu here . “What are you doing here?”

Feng Wu snapped, “Didn’t you force me to come here?!”

Jun Linyuan darted a look at the captain of his guards and asked arrogantly, “Did you force her?”

Chang San said sincerely, “We didn’t . Miss Feng came of her own will . ”

Feng Wu pointed at Jun Linyuan and Chang San, “You, you people —”

“Fine! I’ll leave now!” Feng Wu then turned to leave .

However, Chang San and the others stopped her .

The ten guards stood in a line, blocking her way .

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Feng Wu was vexed . Turning around, she glared at Jun Linyuan . “I thought I wasn’t welcome here . Why are you stopping me from leaving?”

The crown prince replied with a casual smile on his face, “You’re here, aren’t you? You have my permission to sit . ”

“I don’t need your permission and I’m not sitting on a chair!” Feng Wu thought she was going to explode .

“So, are you dreaming about sitting on my lap?” Jun Linyuan turned his brooding gaze on her, making her stomach lurch .

Feng Wu: !!!

For a split second, Feng Wu suspected that Jun Linyuan was flirting with her rather than ridiculing her .

However, she rejected that possibility right away . Jun Linyuan abhorred her, so there was no way that he would flirt with her . He had to be mocking her .

Feng Wu took a deep breath to calm down .

She realized that Jun Linyuan was the only one that could set her off this easily . The most casual comment he made could make her go off like a dynamite .

Feng Wu glowered at Jun Linyuan . “Where’s Xiaoqi?”

The crown prince gestured at her to come closer with his slender fingers .

Feng Wu ignored him .

Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on her, looking as if he had all the time in the world .

Since she was in need of an answer, Feng Wu decided to compromise . She went up to Jun Linyuan, looking very grumpy .

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