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Chapter 155: The Fifth Lady Can Cultivate Now? !

Terror showed on Uncle Qiu's face. "We're currently at Death Canyon. How can this be good? ! Death Canyon..moreover it was fast approaching night……" Uncle Qiu's strength certainly wasn't very strong. At that year, he accompanied Feng Wu on their entire journey to Northern Territory City. During these years, he'd been stuck as a level seven Spirit Master and had been unable to advance any further.

As far as Qiu Ling was concerned, she was even weaker. She's only a level one Spirit Master, and simply wouldn't be of any help……

And just at this time, inside the carriage, Feng Wu only felt her mind shake, an unceasing buzzing sound.

A faint curve appeared on the corners of her mouth, she'd finally become a level four Spirit Master.

Sure enough, now that she's revisiting the road that she'd already travelled once, not only was her foundation established even more firmly, the speed of her cultivation was also astonishingly quick.

Before ten days had passed, she'd already advanced to level four.

Feng Wu felt that she still had room for improvement, therefore, she didn't withdraw her mind from the state of cultivation and instead, continued on.

"Uncle Qiu, what should we do now?" Qiu Ling hastily ran down from the carriage behind them. As she ran tot Uncle Qiu's side, her face expressed resentment. "The Eldest Young Master and Sixth Lady didn't merely run away, they even brought away all of the guards with them. It's looks like it'll be night time soon. What should we do in this desolate countryside?"

Uncle Qiu was also anxious, but his face still maintained a calm appearance as he spoke in an understated manner. "This Death Canyon is precarious and dangerous. The mortality rate is even higher at night. I'm afraid the Eldest Young Master and the rest of them harboured ill intentions."

Qiu Ling said indignantly. "What they've done is already so obvious, they must have malicious intentions. They no doubt wish that the Second Madam and Fifth Lady will 'mysteriously' die on the road like this? They're simply too vicious!"

Blue veins exploded on Uncle Qiu's forehead. "Where's the Fifth Lady? The Fifth Lady is so intelligent, she certainly will have a plan."

Qiu Ling slapped her head. "That's it, right? I'm going to ask the Fifth Lady!"

But when Qiu Ling moved aside the thick carriage curtains, Feng Wu's beautiful mother, who's the Second Madam that was mentioned, faced Qiu Ling and raised her forefinger to her lips. "Shhh——"

Qiu Ling saw Feng Wu sitting cross-legged inside the carriage, eyes closed, her entire body abundantly reverberating spiritual qi. She's clearly advancing to the next level. How can she be disturbed?

Once Uncle Qiu saw this, he immediately stared blankly, cultivating?

The Fifth Lady could cultivate now? !

Because the Concealment Spirit Jade hung on Feng Wu's body, Uncle Qiu couldn't tell what level of strength Feng Wu was at. However, in regards to the matter that Feng Wu could cultivate, this already caused Uncle Qiu to be endlessly ecstatic.

"The Fifth Lady can cultivate now? ! Our Fifth Lady……can cultivate now? !" Uncle Qiu was so emotional that he grabbed Qiu Ling's arm as his eyes opened wide and stared. "Is this real? !"

Qiu Ling was also so emotional that her eyes teared up and nodded to Uncle Qiu solemnly. "That's right! Our family's young lady can cultivate already. Not long from now, our lady will certainly soar to the skies and make everyone at the capital sit up and take notice!"

"Good! Good good good! Wonderful! This truly is too wonderful!" Uncle Qiu was so emotional the old one's tears weaved. "From now on, this old one can even die without regrets!"

He watched Feng Wu grow up. He watched her reached the summit as well as watched her fall from heaven into the earth. Now that he found out that she could cultivate again, how could Uncle Qiu not be excited?

However, at this moment, at a peak in Death Canyon, a loud, clear and bitter wolf howl echoed…

"Ah woo~~~~~~"

Uncle Qiu and Qiu Ling glanced at each other and saw the alarm in each other's eyes!

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