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Chapter 1320: 1320

Lord Mu looked at Zuo Ming in surprise . “Master Zuo, you seem to know something about it . Is this…”

Zuo Ming said humbly, “Well, my mischievous daughter insisted on asking Master Rong Yang to forge a weapon for her, but I never thought that she would actually succeed . ”

“So, the weapon belongs to your family!” said Lord Mu . “Your oldest daughter has returned?”

“No, it’s not Qingluan . ” Stroking his beard, Zuo Ming chuckled . “It’s Qingyu, my second daughter . She was so keen on having a weapon made by Master Rong Yang that she took my dragon scale gold, haha —”

Instantly, a lot of people looked enviously at Zuo Ming .

“Master Zuo, congratulations!”

“That’s definitely the sign of a formidable weapon . ”

“The Zuo family has been receiving good news one after another!”

Zuo Ming cupped his hands and acted very humbly . “You flatter me . ”

Emperor Wu smiled . “If that’s the case, why don’t we pay the mountain a visit together and witness the completion of the weapon?”

The emperor had spoken, and no one could say no .

Moreover, Emperor Wu had the only flying apparatus in the entire empire . It could travel as far as 45,000 km in a day .

Needless to say, Emperor Wu brought out the apparatus for the occasion .

It was such a rare chance that all the high-ranking officials in the hall decided to take a trip on the flying apparatus .

“You’re coming with us!” Emperor Wu assumed that Jun Linyuan would refuse, so he gave a direct order in a solemn tone .

Based on his past experience, his son was so arrogant and unruly that he would most likely say no to such an event .

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However, the crown prince actually nodded .

Yes, he did .

Emperor Wu was walking down the stairs when he saw this, and he almost slipped and rolled off!

He didn’t see that coming at all!

Jun Linyuan was simply too obedient today .

“You —” Emperor Wu stared at Jun Linyuan . “Did you just agree to come with us?”

Crossing his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan stood there as his robe flapped in the breeze . He raised his eyebrows when he said, “Why should I refuse?”

Why should he? Emperor Wu didn’t know what to say .

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Because it just isn’t like you to agree to go! I’m your father and I know you! thought the emperor .

Was it possible that there was another reason besides the obvious?

While Emperor Wu was being suspicious of Jun Linyuan, Zuo Ming smiled and said, “Of course His Royal Highness has to come with us . It’ll be our honor . ”

Jun Linyuan raised his dark eyebrows again and gave Zuo Ming a meaningful look .

Unfortunately, Zuo Ming was too immersed in his joy to notice it .

It only took the flying apparatus 15 minutes to get to the mountaintop .

The sky was still dark, and the mountain was still shaking . The old steward was frightened to find guests arriving at a moment like this .

Emperor Wu was the first one to come out of the flying apparatus .

He wore his bright yellow imperial robe; on it, a flying dragon was showing off its claws and fangs . The pattern gave him such an authoritative and intimidating look .

Behind him was the crown prince, Master Dugu, Lord Mu, Zuo Ming, Feng Yanfeng…

The old steward had lived on the mountain for so long that he had never met any of the big shots here . But Zuo Qingyu had . She almost fainted when she saw their faces .

Her first reaction was to hide, but —

“Xiao Yu? Qingyu?” Her father called her name in an excited voice .

Zuo Qingyu wanted to cry .

Since she couldn’t run away, her only choice was to turn around and greet the emperor .

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