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Chapter 1310
Chapter 1310: Tie Her Up!

Had Feng Wu died in the fire?

Everyone’s stomachs lurched when they heard those words .

Was Zuo Qingyu telling the truth? Was Feng Wu dead already?

Of course not .

At that moment, Feng Wu was actively putting out the fire .

She had expected Master Rong Yang to fail in the process of forging the dragon scale gold dagger because she had poured combustible liquid all over the metal beforehand .

As for putting out the fire…

Feng Wu had created the liquid herself . Needless to say, she had no problem putting out the fire .

Moreover —

“Abnormal flame! Abnormal flame!” Thrilled, Little Phoenix rolled around in the ring space .

And it wasn’t the only one . The tiger cub also had abnormal flame in its body, and longed for it as well .

Hence, the two of them started working their way through the refinery room .

Those cultivators with the water attribute weren’t able to put out the abnormal flame, but the two animals couldn’t stop sucking it into their stomachs .

About 15 minutes later, all the flames in the refinery room had been absorbed by the two animals . They were so satiated that they fell asleep as soon as they climbed back into Feng Wu’s ring space .

To them, the fire was the greatest tonic .

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Their cultivation levels would improve significantly after they woke up .

Feng Wu jumped out of the well after the smoke dissipated .

Meanwhile, the people outside were still talking about Feng Wu .

Zuo Qingyu had actually managed to shed a few tears and was feigning sobs . “Little Feng Wu was so pretty and so young . I can’t believe that we lost her . What a pity…”

She then turned to Master Rong Yang . “Master, Feng Wu can have the dragon scale gold dagger that you made for my family . With such a formidable weapon with her, her death will be worthwhile . ”

The corner of Master Rong Yang’s mouth twitched . He was a generous and open-minded man, but it didn’t make him any less observant . He could see through Zuo Qingyu perfectly .

“I wasn’t able to make the dagger . ” Master Rong Yang stared at Zuo Qingyu .

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Zuo Qingyu cried out, “What? How is that possible? So, did all that dragon scale gold go to waste?”

Master Rong Yang’s voice was very cold when he said, “That wasn’t real dragon scale gold . Your family gave me fake dragon scale gold, which is why my refinery room exploded . I need an explanation for this!”

Zuo Qingyu was dazed when she heard those words . “The dragon scale gold was fake? That’s impossible! I don’t believe it!”

The others stared at Zuo Qingyu in surprise as well .

Master Rong Yang held up a piece of dragon scale gold and smirked . “Here’s the evidence! Are you saying that I’m lying?!”

He was devastated at the thought of his destroyed refinery room .

“Master, my family would never have given you fake dragon scale gold, nor would we ever try to harm you . Master…” Zuo Qingyu tried to explain .

But Master Rong Yang only snorted . “If you didn’t mean to, then why did you show up here only after the fire broke out?

“If your family didn’t have their own agenda, why did you urge me to start forging the weapon as soon as possible?

“If you didn’t do this on purpose, then why did you pay me double to have me work faster?!”

“Well…” Zuo Qingyu couldn’t tell him that she had done all those things just to take up his time before Feng Wu got here . She was sure that if she hadn’t done so, the master would have built a weapon for Feng Wu first .

“Tie her up, now!” Master Rong Yang was furious .

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