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Chapter 1311
Chapter 1311: Impossible!

“Master Rong Yang, Master Rong Yang, there’s a reason for this . I, I can explain!” Seeing that the master was really angry, Zuo Qingyu tried to explain .

“You did all that just to keep me occupied, so that I wouldn’t help Feng Wu?” Master Rong Yang frowned .

“That’s right, Master Rong Yang . That was the only reason . My family didn’t…” Zuo Qingyu said earnestly .

“What bullsh*t!” Master Rong Yang glared at her .

Zuo Qingyu was struck dumb .

Master Rong Yang smirked . “Since when do I make weapons for random people? Why would I agree just because it’s Feng Wu? That’s preposterous!”

Zuo Qingyu was speechless .

She didn’t realize it herself, but deep down, she had recognized Feng Wu’s capability . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have assumed that the master would definitely forge a weapon for Feng Wu .

Master Rong Yang then smirked . “If she comes out alive, I promise I’ll build her a weapon!”


Everyone fell silent . Since Feng Wu had been in the well for so long, they were sure that she had already died .

“Miss Feng Wu really bit off more than she could chew…”

“Did she seriously think that she could turn things around all by herself? She got herself killed . ”

The old steward felt awful .

He had deliberately tried to create trouble for that girl, but she had surprised him every single time . He couldn’t believe that such a clever girl was dead .

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingyu smirked inwardly .

She didn’t care that she had lost the dragon scale gold or that Master Rong Yang now despised her . It was all worth it now that Feng Wu was dead .

But —

Just when everyone thought that Feng Wu had died in the fire —

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“What? Are you guys talking about me?”

A nimble figure jumped out of the well and landed in front of the crowd .

“Feng Wu?!”

“Is that Miss Feng?!”

“Gosh! Feng Wu isn’t dead?!”

Zuo Qingyu was astonished .

So was the old steward .

Even Master Rong Yang was shocked .

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, as though they were seeing a ghost .

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Feng Wu looked around and smiled . “Why are you all looking at me like that? You look surprised . ”

Of course they were!

How could they not be?

The old steward pointed a trembling finger at Feng Wu . “You… we thought you were dead!”

Feng Wu shrugged and looked confused . “Why would I be dead?”

The old steward said, “But you were inside for so long . ”

Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “That’s because putting out a fire is time-consuming . ”

“You —” Before the old steward could continue, he heard other people crying out in surprise .

“Hey, you guys, look! The smoke is really thin now!”

“It’s not just thin . It’s almost gone!”

“Gosh! Did Feng Wu really extinguish the fire?”

Over a dozen cultivators with the water attribute all stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

“That’s impossible!” Lin shouted .

He and his colleagues hadn’t been able to control the fire even when they worked together, so how could this girl do it?

“Let me go inside and have a look!” Lin jumped into the well first .

“I’m going in, too . ” Yuan moved as quickly as a monkey and was soon out of sight .

Everyone kept their unblinking gazes on the well after those people went in .

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