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Chapter 127: Can It Be Because You Guys Look Uglier Than Her?

Feng Liu only felt her brains go blank and her heart almost stopped beating!

My god!

The one who cried out 'my god' in alarm wasn't merely Feng Liu, there was also Fairy Mu Yao by her side……

Feng Liu cut a sorry figure, she also similarly cut a sorry figure.

Feng Liu was violent and shrewish, she was also similarly violent and shrewish.

Feng Liu……

Holy Mother……Fairy Mu Yao facepalmed, wishing that she could immediately pass out!

In front of her Prince Charming, she unexpectedly……she truly wished that a sword slashed her neck! She no longer wanted to live argh argh argh argh argh argh! ! ! !

Just as she got ready to pretend to faint, Jun Lin Yuan's dangerous and hawk-like gaze swept from Feng Liu's Face to Fairy Mu Yao's face, then spoke in an aloof and apathetic manner. "What's going on?"

What, what's, what's going on? Fairy Mu Yao's originally sluggish mind started to slowly work again……that's right, it's Feng Wu!

Right now, both she and Feng Liu had suffered. They'd completely lost face in front of Crown Prince Jun, however, nothing happened to Feng Wu at all, why? !

Fairy Mu Yao then became very cool-headed as she pushed aside the loose hair in front of her forehead. She tearfully complained to Jun Lin Yuan. "It's Feng Wu. Everything that happened here was because of Feng Wu! She wanted to kill us!"

Once these words came out, everybody was stupefied……how did this suddenly come to also involve Feng Wu?

Since Fairy Mu Yao wanted to vilify Feng Wu, she naturally weaved the story in one breath. She bit on her lower lip as she said. "Feng Wu is truly too sinister and vicious. She's the one who pushed the two of us into the moat. She wanted to drown us!"

At this moment, Feng Liu, whose brain originally was still a blank, suddenly became as if she's been enlightened and instantly turned clear-headed.

Right, Feng Wu! Feng Wu must be made to carry this black pot!

Once Feng Xun heard this, he immediately became dissatisfied. "What does this all have to do with Feng Wu anyway? Isn't she properly staying at her residence?"

"Heh." Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly. "Feng Wu's staying at her residence? Based on her coquestish nature, can she stand staying at home?"

Once Feng Xun heard this, he was even more unhappy. His penetrating gaze was just like a sharp sword that pierced into Fairy Mu Yao. "A proper and nice girl, when speaking, don't be so shameless and impatient so as to undermine your own reputation! Even though you dislike Feng Wu, you still shouldn't vilify her like this. She's also not someone who can be bullied randomly without anyone to stand up for her!"

This clearly showed that Feng Xun wanted to support Feng Wu this time.

Two drops of tears hung on Fairy Mu Yao's beautiful eyes as she bit her lower lips aggrievedly. "Young Prince, you only know how to stand up for Feng Wu. Can't you also pity me also? Feng Liu and I were indeed pushed into the moat by Feng Wu. The two of us nearly died!"

"That's right!" Even though Feng Liu secretly hated Fairy Mu Yao, she also knew that at this moment, she needed to ally herself with Fairy Mu Yao. Thus, she clenched her fists tightly as tears rippled in her eyes. "Why is it that you want to stand up for Feng Wu even though she wanted to kill us? Can it be that it's because she's good-looking?"

Feng Xun's eyes flashed brightly. How could he not see that Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu were scheming? These two people were currently pretending to be pitiable in order to win some sympathy, no less!

Hence, he laughed coldly. "Feng Wu pushed you guys? Why did she push you guys? Can it be because you guys look uglier than her?"

Under the water, Feng Wu, who depended on a straw of hemp to breathe, immediately spurted out a mouthful of air……bubble bubble…..a burst of faint bubbling sounds transmitted from the surface of the water not far away.

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of dark, hidden in depth, beautiful eyes casually turned and glanced towards that hemp straw.

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