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Published at 28th of October 2020 03:05:05 AM
Chapter 1184: 1184
Chapter 1184 Untitled “Check out the billboard!”Everyone expected to see Feng Wu’s name much higher up the billboard by now, and they were right .

Feng Wu was 48th on the billboard already, and with the vine, she had become much more capable . Like Xuanyuan Yi, Feng Wu was quickly making her way up the list!




The next moment, Feng Wu had surpassed Ding Cheng to take 20th place!


Ding Cheng cried out in surprise!

After Xuanyuan Yi, Feng Wu had surpassed him as well; Ding Cheng hadn’t seen that coming!

“Are these two people out of their minds?!”

Grabbing the hand of the person next to him, Ding Cheng bellowed in disbelief . “She’s 20th now! How can that be? Ahhh —”

The top 20 students were all sitting in the same row .

None of them could utter a word .

Even Chao Yue, who was 15th, could no longer utter a word . He looked stunned .

Deep down, he was worried .

“Will these two people take my place?

“They shouldn’t be able to… Xuanyuan Yi can barely fight back now .

“He’s going to lose, and when that happens, he’s going to die . He’s never going to take my place . ”

Chao Yue kept trying to persuade himself when —

All of a sudden —

There was a loud popping sound from Xuanyuan Yi’s body .

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Rumble —

A shock wave spread out from Xuanyuan Yi in all directions .


The audience cried out in surprise again!



“Xuanyuan Yi has made a breakthrough! I can’t believe it!”

Xuanyuan Yi had been a Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster when the duel started, but he had just become a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster!

“Oh, god! That isn’t all! He’s still advancing!”

“OMG! A capable opponent really brings out the best in him! Xuanyuan Yi is at the top of his game!”

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“Look! Xuanyuan Yi has reached perfection in Level 9!”

“Feng Wu is a Level 7 Spiritual Grandmaster, right?”


“She’s two levels below Xuanyuan Yi . How is she supposed to defeat him?”

“Oh gosh, Feng Wu is so going to lose!”

The audience felt as if their emotions were on a rollercoaster ride!

Chaoge and Qiuling had arrived by then, and were watching the duel with the rest of the audience .

Given their connection to Feng Wu, they could have gotten some VIP seats . However, the empress dowager was here, so naturally, the college wouldn’t let anyone else sit there .

Seeing that Xuanyuan Yi had made an unexpected breakthrough, Chaoge was flustered!

“Oh, god! This isn’t good! What’s Xiao Wu going to do?”

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Qiuling was almost in tears . “Miss Wu has already worked very hard . Is she going to lose?”

They wouldn’t be so worried if it was just a regular competition . However, this was a duel!

Qiuling and Chaoge held hands, both trembling nervously .

In the VIP section, the Xuanyuan family looked relieved .

Of the members of the Feng family, some looked concerned, while others gloated .

Feng Xun, who had been at ease at first, couldn’t help but frown now .

The empress dowager glanced at him, then smiled . “See? What did I tell you? Feng Wu is going to lose . ”

Feng Xun only smiled . “We don’t know that yet . ”

The empress dowager snorted . “Feng Wu is two levels below him; there’s no way she’s going to win, unless she still has something up her sleeve . ”

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