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Chapter 1163
Chapter 1163 A Touch-and-Go Situation 2 “Take good care of her . ”Jun Linyuan glanced at them sideways, and the look on his face reminded them of a god of death . His intimidating power spread out in the yard . The people of Fallen Star Yard only came back to themselves after Jun Linyuan left .

“Is… is…” Qiuling grabbed Chaoge’s hand nervously and said in a tiny voice, “Is His Royal Highness and Miss Wu…”

For a split second, Chaoge thought the same .

But she rejected the possibility right away . “No, it can’t be!”

“But His Royal Highness carried Miss Wu back himself…” Didn’t the crown prince abhor the touch of other people?

After some thought, Chaoge shook her head adamantly . “Who knows what the hell is wrong with that crown prince . Anyway, it’s all in your head!”

Qiuling said, “Alright…”

“That’s right! My sister will never like him! She’s my sister and nothing else!” The boy standing in the doorway spoke angrily with his cheeks puffed up .

Feng Xun was lost for words .

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

The two of them exchanged wry smiles .

It seemed that Boss Jun still had a long way to go before he could win the girl’s heart .

However, the more pressing issue now wasn’t winning the girl’s heart, but —

Would Feng Wu wake up before noon?

Feng Xun said, “It’s dawn now, and the sun is about to rise . ”

Neither Feng Xun nor Xuan Yi left . They stood in the yard and looked up at the dark sky .

The air was as cool as water and both looked worried, even from behind .

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Xuan Yi said, “Yes . ”

Feng Xun asked, “Do you think Feng Wu can wake up before that?”

Xuan Yi said, “The chances are slim . ”

Feng Xun heaved a long sigh . “She worked so hard . After everything she put into this, it would be such a pity if she has to give up because she missed the stipulated time . ”

“This Xuanyuan Yi really is something . He’s given all of us a sleepless night . ” Feng Xun smiled bitterly .

Back in the day, they wouldn’t have wasted their breath on a nobody like Xuanyuan Yi .

Time crawled by .

The night ended and the sun rose .

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As the streets got busier, the entire imperial capital seemed to wake up .

However, Feng Wu still lay completely motionless, without any sign of waking up .

The people of Fallen Star Yard were calm at first, but as time went by, they couldn’t remain as unperturbed .

Feng Xun kept running into Feng Wu’s room to check on her .

“Is she still not awake?” Feng Xun asked quickly .

Qiuling was pale, and was visibly worried . She shook her head .

“We only have two hours left here . ” Feng Xun frowned .

While Feng Xun was feeling worried sick, his mother had been summoned to court .

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The empress dowager frowned as soon as she saw Lady Northern Feng . “I heard that Feng Wu is in trouble again . ”

Lady Northern Feng’s stomach sank, and she wondered who had been saying bad things about Feng Wu in front of the empress dowager .

She looked up at the empress dowager .

On the empress dowager’s left was none other than Empress Dugu, whereas Concubine Oriole, the emperor’s favorite woman at the moment, was on the empress dowager’s right .

Despite her frustration, Lady Northern Feng put on a bright smile when she walked up to the empress dowager . “Your Majesty, has someone been telling you bad things about little Feng Wu again?”

The empress dowager snorted . “I don’t need to be told . She’s done so many things that the news fly into my ears all on their own . ”

“Your Majesty, you’re so well-informed . I’d love to hear about it . ”

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