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Chapter 1116
Chapter 1116 A Grand Plan Lady Northern Feng was very pleased with the outcome and had arrived at the Xuanyuan mansion in a cheerful mood . She had hid the imperial edict at first to wait for the Xuanyuan family to show their hand . And it worked!When Xuanyuan Xueyue jumped out to distort the facts, Lady Northern Feng presented them with the imperial edict, and Feng Wu was able to make her mark in the first instance .

“Lady Northern Feng, it’s about time . The old master will be out in a moment; if he knows that we let you leave like this, he’ll punish us all . ”

Holding Lady Northern Feng’s hand, Lady Yu smiled wryly .

Lady Yu was a nice person, whom Lady Northern Feng had dealt with before… It was just that Feng Wu had been mistreated this time . Hence, Lady Northern Feng asked Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, what do you think?”

Since Lady Northern Feng had been so domineering earlier, Feng Wu knew that she had to dial down her tone now . After all, they had demonstrated whatever needed to be demonstrated .

Hence, Feng Wu smiled . “Mother, I’ll do as you say . ”

Seeing how considerate Feng Wu was, Lady Northern Feng liked the girl even more .

The party resumed .

And the crowd separated into groups once again .

The youngsters got together with people of their own age and the noble ladies mingled among themselves .

But Feng Wu was sitting with Lady Northern Feng at the moment, and naturally, the other ladies came to pay their respects in a neverending stream .

Those attending the birthday party at the Xuanyuan manor were either from influential families or officials of the second rank or above .

Seeing Lady Northern Feng sitting there, the ladies went up to her one after another .

“Miss Feng Wu is so pretty . Lady Northern Feng, how lucky you are . ”

“I can tell right away that Miss Feng Wu has a great personality . She’s so level-headed . ”

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“Miss Feng Wu…”

As they spoke, the ladies began to take off their bracelets and other personal belongings, and gave them to Feng Wu as gifts for their first meeting .

They surrounded Lady Northern Feng and Feng Wu, creating a boisterous scene .

Next to them, Lady Cai’s face turned livid .

After all, the Xuanyuan family was the host tonight, so why did it look like Lady Northern Feng had just taken over? What were these ladies thinking? They didn’t even try to hide their efforts at playing up to Lady Northern Feng!

As the wife of the oldest son of the Xuanyuan family, Lady Cai looked disgruntled when she saw this .

Next to her, Lady Yu saw Lady Cai’s reaction and smiled a little .

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Her sister-in-law had always thought highly of herself and taken advantage of her distinguished status . But when Lady Northern Feng was around, Lady Cai could only feel stifled… How interesting .

And what was Xuanyuan Ying doing at this moment?

She had been dragged into a small room by Zuo Qingyu and the others .

Xuanyuan Ying, Zuo Qingyu, Dugu Yamo, Feng Liu, and Feng Sang were all there .

Feng Liu was the first to cry out when she saw Xuanyuan Ying, and she looked aggrieved . “Sister Ying, how could you give them my name? When —”

Xuanyuan Ying frowned .

Xuanyuan Ying was already upset after being forced to apologize, and hearing Feng Liu’s accusation, she wanted to hit someone .

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However, Zuo Qingyu took Xuanyuan Ying’s hand, shook her head at the latter, and said something in a low voice .

Their eyes met and they nodded at each other .

Holding Feng Liu’s hand, Xuanyuan Ying looked like she was going to cry . “Siser Liu Er, you saw what happened just then . If I didn’t say that, we would all be in trouble . Plus, you really were the one who told us that . I didn’t exactly wrong you, did I?”

Feng Liu said, “But…”

Zuo Qingyu looked sincerely into Feng Liu’s eyes . “The most important thing right now is for us to take Feng Wu down together . Don’t you agree? After the wrong you suffered today, she still looked so satisfied . Can you live with that outcome?”

Of course she couldn’t!

“Sister Zuo, do you have any ideas?” The others turned to Zuo Qingyu .

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