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Chapter 1115: 1115
Chapter 1115 Going to Court for an Imperial Edic “My dear sister, it was all my fault . I failed to recognize what a great person you were before . Will you forgive me?”Feng Wu glanced at Xuanyuan Ying . “Forgive you?”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded repeatedly .

Feng Wu only gave her a half-smile . “Forgiveness isn’t really my thing, and the Xuanyuan family will have to apologize for the wrong things you’ve done . ”

Xuanyuan Ying wanted to talk her way out of it, and Feng Wu would never let her do so .

“Sister Feng Wu —”

Tears rolled down Xuanyuan Ying’s cheeks . “Sister Xiao Wu, you’re right . It was all my fault in the beginning . I was misled by slanderous talk, which was why…”

“Slanderous talk?” Feng Wu only smiled slightly .

Xuanyuan Ying had been probing Feng Wu’s bottom line the entire time, and seeing that the latter seemed about to relent, she went on in a hurry, “That’s right . It’s all Feng Liu’s fault . She said that you didn’t have an invitation and had a bad reputation . That was why I…”

Feng Liu felt a throbbing pain in her chest when she heard that, and she stared at Xuanyuan Ying in disbelief!

The things she said?!

Xuanyuan Ying went on, “Sister Xiao Wu, I’m sorry . My opinion was biased, which was why I was so impolite . Do whatever you want with me . ”

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She gave Feng Liu up and blamed everything on the latter, then righteously said that she herself should be the target of Feng Wu’s anger .

She could adapt to the situation, had a glib tongue, and was eloquent and quick to react… She had even dragged Feng Liu into this and let everyone know about the strife between Feng Liu and Feng Wu, cousins of the Feng family .

This Xuanyuan Ying was an interesting character .

Feng Liu was about to step out and retort, but next to her, Zuo Qingyu stopped her and covered her mouth . The girl then shot Feng Liu a warning glance and said something in her ear .

Feng Liu wanted to say something, but gave up in the end .

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Feng Wu looked past Xuanyuan Ying with a half-hearted smile at Zuo Qingyu, Dugu Yamo, Feng Liu, and Feng Sang in turn . The looks on their faces were really interesting .

Meanwhile, members of the Xuanyuan kept trying to defuse the situation .

Even Xuanyuan Ze and Lady Cai had to join in and speak in a humble manner .

Lady Northern Feng had been given all the respect she could be given . The others would find her unreasonable if she still pretended to want to leave now .

Xuanyuan Yu was an even smoother talker . “Lady Northern Feng, both families are very influential in the imperial capital . If we fall out like this and word gets out, it won’t reflect well on either of us . Don’t you think so? It might be fine if it really was a dispute, but what happened was a mere quarrel . It really isn’t worth it, am I right?”

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Lady Northern Feng felt like she had just won a war, and was over the moon .

She knew that she had found a great opportunity as soon as she heard that Feng Wu had been targeted by the Xuanyuan clan .

Both His Majesty and His Majesty the empress dowager knew about her intention to have Feng Wu as her goddaughter, but neither gave her permission to throw a big party, which displeased Lady Northern Feng . She just wanted a goddaughter; why wouldn’t they let her have that party? Wouldn’t that make people assume that she didn’t think her daughter was important enough?

Lady Northern Feng made up her mind . She had to let everyone know . Hence, she went to court in a hurry .

As soon as she got to the imperial palace, she complained to the empress dowager in tears, telling the latter how rude and unreasonable the Xuanyuan family was, how tough her own life was with her husband away all the time, and how the Xuanyuan clan was bullying Northern Feng Mansion…

The empress dowager and the emperor gave in to her tears . She then mentioned how Feng Wu had saved Jun Linyuan’s life . The royal family hadn’t rewarded her for that yet .

“She saved his life, and if the favor isn’t returned, the bond between the two of them will only grow stronger…” As soon as Lady Northern Feng said that, the empress dowager and His Majesty agreed in unison to make Feng Wu a princess .

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