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Chapter 1111: 1111
Chapter 1111 She“s Never the Type to Suffer a Loss Lady Cai wept in a pitiful manner and gripped Xuanyuan Ze’s arm with both hands helplessly . “Master… I…”However, Xuanyuan Ze only had time to pat Lady Cai’s hand . Before he could say anything, Xuanyuan Ying stepped forward .

Watching on the side, the girl was furious!

Lady Northern Feng was behaving atrociously in the Xuanyuan family’s territory, which was an insult to the extreme!

“Lady Northern Feng, that’s enough!” Xuanyuan Ying glared at Lady Northern Feng with her chest stuck out . “I was the one who cursed Feng Wu and tried to kick her out! If you want to take it out on someone, take it out on me, not my mother!”

Yes, she had called Feng Wu names . So what?!

Xuanyuan Ying said it herself!

What kind of person was Lady Northern Feng? She was never the type to suffer a loss!

Hence, the next moment!


Lady Northern Feng slapped Xuanyuan Ying right in the face .

That crisp sound…

Everyone stared at Lady Northern Feng with a strange look in their eyes .

She had really hit the girl…

Xuanyuan Ying was dumbfounded as well . She hadn’t expected Lady Northern Feng to be so savage and absurd!

“You hit me! How dare you?” Xuanyuan Ying pointed at Lady Northern Feng .

Lady Northern Feng slapped her again, and it was as loud as the first time .

“Yes, I did!”

She exerted a lot more strength this time, and Xuanyuan Ying flew backward at the impact .

“Lady Northern Feng!”

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The Xuanyuan family members couldn’t tolerate it anymore!

This was the Xuanyuan family’s territory, and the lady was practically slapping the face of the entire family!

“Is Northern Feng Mansion declaring war against the Xuanyuan clan now?!”

Xuanyuan Ze’s face turned livid as he stood there with a stern look in his eyes . His face was so dark that it looked like a stormy sky .

Although there were a lot of onlookers, no one dared to make a sound .

Because no one knew what word would set them off and start a war between Northern Feng Mansion and the Xuanyuan clan .

Lady Northern Feng smirked . “The Xuanyuan family insulted Northern Feng Mansion first, and you’re saying that I’m trying to start a war? Fine! Bring it on . Like that’s gonna scare me at all!”

Lady Northern Feng slapped her palm down hard on a table .

It was instantly pulverized .

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Xuanyuan Ze’s face turned livid . “You…”

Lady Northern Feng said, “Let’s have a war! Come on!”

Xuanyuan Yu, Xuanyuan Ze’s brother, stepped out to defuse the situation right away .

“Lady Northern Feng, please don’t be mad . It was just children bickering, and nothing that serious . Let’s talk, for we’re all reasonable people, aren’t we?”

As Xuanyuan Yu spoke, he gave Xuanyuan Ze an inconspicuous tug and shot the latter a warning glance .

“Have you forgotten what kind of family Northern Feng Mansion is? Do you not know Lady Northern Feng’s background? That family is too powerful for the Xuanyuan clan to mess with now!”

Xuanyuan Ze snorted and looked away .

By now, Feng Wu couldn’t just stand around anymore . She couldn’t just watch as Northern Feng Mansion and the Xuanyuan family went to war!

Feng Wu said, “Mother, please calm down . You’ll upset yourself . I’m fine…”

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That “mother” caught the attention of everyone present .

So… Feng Wu really was the goddaughter of Lady Northern Feng .

Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Lady Northern Feng said to her with a serious and stern look on her face, “Honey, there’s no need to say any more . You’re my most precious daughter; you don’t have to compromise out of consideration for me and silently swallow humiliation like this . Keep your chin up! That’s all you have to do!”

Feng Wu was speechless . Alright, then .

A lot of people at the banquet were looking at Feng Wu with mixed feelings . There was astonishment in their eyes, but more than anything else, there was jealousy .

That was especially the case with people like Xuanyuan Ying, Zuo Qingyu, and their friends!

As it turned out, Feng Wu really was Lady Northern Feng’s daughter, and the favorite one .

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