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Chapter 1044: 1044
Chapter 1044 Bullying Is Affection

“didn’t you hear me? get the hell off that dais!”

how long did she plan to stand there and be gawked at for?!

there was a frown on jun linyuan’s stunningly handsome face, and he looked displeased .

he said, “i’ll let you off the hook today . interrupt a class again, and i’ll have you kicked out of this college!”

he trusted that after this, no other boy would dare sit next to her or have a private conversation with her .

feng wu was so frustrated!

he was the one who made her give the lecture, and when everything was going fine, he told her to get her ass down from there!

he had threatened her with her classmates’ lives before cutting her off!

so what if he was the crown prince?! big deal!

feng wu was furious . her cheeks flushed and blue veins popped in the corner of her forehead!

given the option, she would throttle jun linyuan right now . however, she had neither the capability nor the power .

hmph! she would find the broken star pieces and cure her beautiful master . no one would pick on her again when her beautiful master was around!

at that thought, feng wu threw a frustrated glance at jun linyuan, then ran out of the classroom .

feng wu had run away?!

the other students stared in bewilderment . the crown prince had let feng wu run away?

she was able to get away after offending his royal highness?

the crown prince’s face couldn’t be any darker . his black eyes seemed to be covered with a bloody red mist .

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rising to his feet, he stepped out on long legs, and the next second, he was nowhere to be seen .

feng xun and xuan yi exchanged looks… now that boss jun and feng wu were gone, there was no need for them to remain here any longer .

hence, they took off as well .

they left as fast as they had come, and were out of sight in no time .

a hush fell over the classroom .

outside .

feng wu rushed out in frustration, and needed an outlet for her anger .

that jun linyuan was such a jerk!

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she would love to see him pull that arrogant stunt again after her beautiful master woke up!

feng wu was still angrily headed for the school gate, when a tall figure suddenly blocked her path .

she had been walking with her head down as she complained inwardly about jun linyuan, and hadn’t been paying attention to where she was going . she bumped into the man .

the impact made feng wu see stars . cursing under her breath, she thought she had to be having the worst day of her life . why did she keep bumping into people?

however, her face turned livid as soon as she looked up .

“jun . lin . yuan!” feng wu uttered his name through gritted teeth .

seeing feng wu’s bruised nose and teary eyes, jun linyuan felt himself go soft inside .

he raised a hand to touch feng wu’s nose, but feng wu was on the alert, and only backed away . she glared at him furiously!

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just then, feng xun and xuan yi arrived in a hurry .

feng wu turned her teary eyes on feng xun .

it pained feng xun to see her like that . that was his baby sister, and she looked as pitiful as a puppy dog . he couldn’t bear to see her like this .

feng xun rushed to her in a hurry . “kiddo, what happened? who did this to you?”

feng wu glanced at feng xun with tears welling up in her eyes as she pointed at jun linyuan . “it’s him! now get revenge for me!”

feng xun rubbed his head with a bitter smile . as her big brother, he would have lunged at the guy who dared to pick on her .

however, that guy just happened to be boss jun…

and he was only bullying her as a way of showing his affection .

“come over here –”

feng xun led feng wu behind an old tree . he then said in a low voice, “my dear sister –”

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