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Published at 18th of August 2020 03:25:06 PM
Chapter 1043: 1043
Chapter 1043 That Is No Way to Woo A Girl

to the other students’ surprise, the crown prince stepped off the dais in the end .

his long, straight legs took him off the dais at an unhurried pace . scanning the classroom with his cold eyes, he reminded one of an emperor inspecting his land .

his casual yet arrogant demeanor made one want to kneel at his feet .

he was born to be a leader .

he was born to rule the continent .

feng wu, on the other hand, was still on the dais, without a scratch on her .

she was still alive?

everyone exchanged looks of bewilderment and found it unbelievable .

but that was what happened .

they then turned to study the crown prince’s face .

jun linyuan had sat down in a chair, looking completely at ease .

on his sculptured face, one could detect a faintly intrigued look in his beautiful eyes . he pursed this thin lips, and was smiling a little .

he began to tap the desk rhythmically with his slender fingers .

clearly, he was waiting for feng wu to make her move .

that explained it…

the students believed that his royal highness was going to fatten the pig before he slaughtered it .

feng wu started her lecture by succinctly sketching out the points that mr hu had been vague on . she then moved on to the actual teaching .

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feng wu’s talent was unquestionable .

she had been taught by mu jiuzhou himself, and already knew enough to become an advanced tutor here in imperial college . teaching a simple year 1 class was far from a challenge to her .

on the dais, her eyes twinkled as she spoke in high spirits . her face shone with the light of wisdom .

in the sunlight, she reminded one of the first dew on a spring morning, and was full of life . her refreshing beauty could take one’s breath away .

given jun linyuan’s status and popularity, he had seen his fair share of girls, although he had ignored most of them .

however, he had never met someone so attractive, who seemed to shine from within!

even someone as experienced as jun linyuan was infatuated, to say nothing of other people . everyone was immersed in feng wu’s teaching, amazed looks in their eyes .

scanning the room out of the corner of his eye, jun linyuan saw that all the boys in the classroom were fascinated by feng wu, and he didn’t like that at all!

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feng wu was enjoying teaching, when the crown prince smacked the desk .

the sound made everyone jump!

all of them had been hanging onto feng wu’s every word, taking in the cultivation world she described and savoring the profound knowledge in her teaching . the more they chewed on her words, the more mysterious they found them to be…

however, that train of thought was broken at that critical moment .

all eyes turned to the man at the center of the classroom . no one dared to utter a word or express their anger, but they certainly weren’t happy about it .

feng wu had noticed that several students had almost reached epiphanies, and had planned to continue teaching until they could break through . however, jun linyuan’s interruption destroyed that opportunity for them .

feng wu was infuriated!

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however, before she could speak, jun linyuan said, “get your ass down here!”

feng wu’s face turned livid .

behind jun linyuan, young lord feng and xuan yi exchanged looks, and saw resignation in each other’s eyes…

boss jun was hopeless… unlike the others, the way he courted a girl would actually push the girl further and further away .

however, jun linyuan couldn’t hear feng xun and xuan yi’s thoughts . at that moment, he was very displeased .

so many pairs of infatuated eyes were glued to his woman, but she was completely clueless . how could he be happy?

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