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Chapter 92: Trails
West blue first base port.

A team of Marine was moving the firearms from the warship. Roja’s warship had two tasks, one transporting goods and two catching pirates.

Two soldiers carried the last box from the warship, with that the team finished his work and made the report to the captain.

“Everything has been transported.”

“OK, Check it again and then move it into the base.”

A captain from the first base looked at the captains and other officers from the warship then said: ” You worked hard.”

“You are polite, This was only a delivery task and if it wasn’t for Rear admiral Roja, then we wouldn’t able to do anything.”

A captain of the ship said this to the ones from the base with a smile.

“Rear admiral Roja …”

After hearing how that captain was referring to Roja, Most officers couldn’t help but glance at him.

After a pause, someone asked with a little doubt “The young Leader Roja … Is he that strong ?”

Roja’s identity as Garp’s nephew was really troubling for the Marine. Garp has beaten almost all the pirates from the west blue, and all pirates here had a grudge with him.

And if Roja was known as Garp’s nephew then those grudges will turn toward him. So the information about him being Garp’s nephew was blocked by the Marine, And that to protect ‘The still young’ Roja.

“Very strong.”

The one talking revealed an expression of admiration toward Roja and said: “Do not use age to measure the strength of Rear-admiral Roja.”

Seeing how that officer had serious expression all the others present had their heart calm down a bit. They didn’t hold much hope when they saw how young Roja was.

But some people were still holding their doubts. After all, Roja wasn’t tall and his body looked like the body of an ordinary person. Besides he looks very young, how can someone like that be as strong as they say?

After delivering the arms and other things to the first base the warship resupplied and disappeared into the vast sea.

The highest floor of the first base.

Roja was walking and leading the way was the rear admiral of this base. the walked down the corridor until they reached the door of an office.

“Here is your office, Mine is on the opposite side. If there is anything don’t hesitate to call me.”

Tika’s attitude toward Roja wasn’t any bit salty or indifferent but also no enthusiastic. Roja was so young which gave him an indescribable feeling. When he talked to Roja, His tone was neither overbearing nor humble, Which he thinks is already a good attitude toward the young Roja.

“Ok, You can go now.”

Roja didn’t care about the other party’s attitude.After all his new in here and didn’t have any reputation.

Roja pushed the door and went inside his office.

The office was clean, Although it wasn’t big, it still had a sofa and other things for comfort. There is a small balcony. In general, the environment was much better than the warship’s cabin.

Seeing Roja entering his office, Tika calmly turned around and also went to his own.

(Tl: The rank are really confusing, let’s make it clear now. The other time I said he had 6 captains well it turn out they are the Commodores. And in the second stage of his exam, that base had two rear admirals not two Commodores. this was really confusing.)

Only Roja and Tika had separate offices, two people per office for the Commodores and let’s not mention the captains.

Roja lived in the first base in the West Blue. (Tl: The End.)

Half a month soon passed.

During this time nothing big happened. Only some trivial things that Roja hated to deal with so he directly thrown them to the rear admiral and the Commodores deal with.

This wasn’t like a leader’s performance.

Tika was quite happy about it because if Roja didn’t do anything that fit as a leader then he will only be a leader in name and all the power will be controlled by him.

But still, occasionally Roja had to do some things himself which made him wonder if it really was a good choice to let Robin go.

He should have captured her and made her his secretary, which would be better for him.


It doesn’t seem like a good idea.

In addition, Roja after arriving at the first base didn’t forget to practice and increase his soul sword’s energy.

The base’s equipment couldn’t be compared with the one in the headquarter.

But still, Roja could practice his sword and Haki so it’s ok.

He recently found out that The Haki practice, as well as the sword practice, will increase the energy not any less than the hell training he always does.

Perhaps it was difficult to enhance his physical strength using the hell practice now. His physical strength reached a certain degree that made it necessary to look for his own path.

In that half a month Roja was in the first base he upgraded his soul sword to the final tenth level.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +10

Attribute: Attack power +300, power +100, agility +100

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes: Getsuga Ttensho – Can release a arc-shaped red energy attack.

Energy: 18/220.

“As long as I increase the energy to its full value, then I can probably enter the fourth stage.”

Roja looked at the property bar and with a thought, he put it away and pulled his sword. When he looked carefully at the sword his brows wrinkled.

“Honoo no Tsuki is getting more and more damaged. It looked like I need a new one soon. Even if I can’t find one of the Saijo O Wazamono then I can find one with the same grade as this one at least. A Ryo Wazamono sword won’t be able to withstand the heat.”

While Roja was deep in his thoughts, A sudden knock comes from the door.


“Come in.”

Roja put back his sword and said calmly.

A marine captain Came into Roja’s office and reported.

“Report, we just found the Gecko pirate’s trail!”

“Gecko pirates …”

Roja was slightly feeling that the name was familiar. Then he immediately remembered. The former leader of the base was defeated by those pirates and then the captain’s reward raised to 70 million berry. The bounty of the entire crew should be really big if I catch all of them then I could get more then ten thousand points.

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