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Chapter 85: Decision

This time, Not only Yamakaji talked, even the vice admirals around started talking.

“As a vice admiral, even if his strength is sufficient but he is still too young.”

“No, Strength is what’s important when facing a pirate, his age doesn’t have anything to do with it. Since Roja could win against Momonga then his more than enough to be a vice admiral.”

Their opinions were different.

The special promotion wasn’t a trivial matter for the headquarter. Even Sengoku couldn’t decide easily.

Although in the original story, Fujitora and Ryokugyu did receive the special promotion to directly reach the rank of an admiral. But that time the headquarter was empty, They needed strong people to fill those important roles.

But now those positions are already full. And there are many vice admirals too.

“Since he broke the record and scored three perfects, Maybe you can give him a chance” Z who standing by the side suddenly said.

Z’s word weight more than anyone here.

Although Garp didn’t talk, Sengoku already knew that he wants his nephew to directly have an important rank on the Marine.

Taking into account those two, Sengoku gradually decided.

At the same time, On the other side of Sengoku, a low voice passed over.


This was the one who didn’t speak from the beginning to the end of the third stage, Marine admiral Akainu.

(Tl: Every time I hate him more and more … Wtf is wrong with this guy.)

Akainu looked at Roja then directed his gaze at Sengoku, With a low tone he said “The vice admiral position isn’t a trifling matter, It’s not such an easy position to grant. Fleet admiral couldn’t have forgotten about Dragon’s case, right ?”

As Akainu mentioned Dragon, the atmosphere in the room turned heavy. Obviously, it’s not a good topic to mention now. On the other side, Garp smiled stiffly while his expression sunk.

Monkey.D.Dragon, he is Garp’s son and Roja’s cousin. Now he is the most wanted criminal and the first person who want to overthrow the government.

Because Garp was the Marine hero, The government issued strict order to not disclose this information to anyone. Even in the Marine, only those high ranked officers would know this.

But Roja knew about this matter because of his Garp’s nephew and also he was the center of this matter now.

Sengoku was silent for a while.

All the people present looked at Garp and Akainu. Some people couldn’t help but swallow their saliva, between two gods, It’s better to stay silent.

“In that case … then I grant Roja the rank of rear admiral.”

Sengoku after staying silent for a while rejected his own idea. although he reduced the rank by one, But he gave this rank to Akainu, Kisaru and Aokiji before, so there is no problem.

“Rear admiral?”

Akainu heard Sengoku and frowned. In his view, Roja was an unstable factor. If he did something wrong he will cause the Marine a big disaster.

In particular, Roja himself was Garp’s nephew. And if he did something then the reputation of the Marine will be implicated.

“Fleet admiral, This is an unstable factor …”

“Enough, Sakazuki!”

Garp directly shouted at Akainu while looking at him coldly.

Akainu’s real name is Sakazuki and Akainu is only a code used by the Marine. Aokiji’s name is Kuzan and Kisaru’s name is Borsalino. Only high-level Marine call them by the names.

Akainu’s words halted then he looked at Garp indifferently. although Garp was the MArine hero, he was too impulsive, He even sometimes ignored the world government orders. And Akainu didn’t like that.

Not to mention, Dragon was Garp’s son but he went to the revolutionary army and became the world top criminal, which is a great irony to the hero title.

Garps was really angry this time.

But he had nothing to do about the things concerning Dragon. As that was a stain in his career as a Marine.

Aokiji and Kisaru didn’t talk. Z frowned, while Sengoku looked at Garp and Akainu as a headache.

At this time, A voice suddenly came.

That voice was Roja’s.

Roja didn’t know what to say to Garp when he looked at him, but when he looked at Akainu he chuckled.

“ha ha.”

This chuckle when fell on the ears of the people here, They felt something strange but couldn’t tell what was it.

All the people turned to look at Roja. The original extremely depressing atmosphere suddenly broke. and turned into a strange atmosphere.


Akainu looked at Roja and instinctively felt that Roja’s tone wasn’t good. So his eyes turned cold.

at this time Roja turned his body and directly walked away. from the beginning to the end he didn’t say a word. It seemed that the words were included into that chuckle.

To Roja, Dragon is Dragon, And he was himself. Whether he was a Marine, a Pirate or a revolutionary army member and even if he wasn’t one of the three, he didn’t care about the position because he knows how strong he really is.

But to Akainu’s statement, Roja changed his mind.

Since Akainu put it as if Roja gonna betray the Marine, So Roja will replace Akainu as an admiral.

In the Marine headquarter, there were two ways to get into the Admiral position, The first one that the position doesn’t have anyone at the time, with that the Government will appoint someone to that position.

And the second is … To gather 200 thousand military exploits and choose to compete against an admiral for his position. And if you defeat him you will get it.

The defeated will be replaced and will be put into a stuff position of the headquarter. In another world he will be on the cold bench with the only choice is to retire.

“Don’t think that you can always be an admiral, It won’t take long, Akainu …”

Roja smiled and continued to walk without turning away.

After Roja was far away.

“Grant Roja the rank of rear admiral, this decision is set and won’t change.”

Sengoku looked at the back of Roja, he took a deep breath, then looked at Garp and Akainu and turned away.

Akainu frowned, but he didn’t go on. Although he was still dissatisfied with that decision, he knew from the tone of Sengoku that this wasn’t up for discussion anymore.

As for Roja’s hostile attitude toward him, he didn’t care.

Roja’s talent is really high and he seems to have potential to go beyond the rank of an admiral. But he was still far from it and also unfortunately for him, his ability is flames.

In Akainu’s view, Although Roja’s flames are strange, but compared to his magma, he wasn’t a threat to him at all and the only threat is his sword.

(Tl: Aw my sides hurt … Akainu sure know how to joke around, really.)

But he was a Marine Admiral, which is the strongest in the entire headquarter.

He was very clear about how strong he was. He also had great self-confidence. If Roja was Mihawk that would be another thing.

If Roja wanted to take him down, that would not be easy. Or else how can he be a Marine Admiral.

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