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Chapter 86: Accident
in the Living Room of Roja’s home.

Roja was sitting on the sofa and leaning against its soft pad.

Suddenly, the door was opened. Roja looked slightly over to the side and said “Your back ?”


Garp said with a low tone, it seems like his still in a bad mood.

Roja looked at Garp’s appearance and couldn’t help but laugh, “You look like you just got beaten, not the image of the usual uncle Garp.”

Roja seemed like he didn’t care about the position of a Rear admiral of a vice admiral. Garp didn’t accept this lightly.

Roja’s joking tone made Garp’s mood get better. He looked at Roja and smiled “Brat …”

He shook his head and said with a heavy tone “Did I tell you about it? … The thing about Dragon.”

“Did you forget? You even asked me what to do.”

Roja rolled his eyes. He began to think that Garp was suffering from amnesia. Not only did he mention Dragon several times, he even would ask what to do sometimes.

“I wanted to teach that boy and make him a good Marine. But who knew that he will turn into such a big shot.” He said this while grasping his hair and screaming.

On Roja’s head black line formed one after the other. Garp didn’t care about the impact that Dragon caused in the world?

He doesn’t.

To be precise, Garp didn’t care about that. The only thing he cared about now was that Dragon effected the rank of Roja.

“Everyone can think what they want. I will still get stronger and That Akainu guy … I will just beat him one day.” Roja clenched his fist.


Garp grabbed his hair and thought for a while. Then he said: “So you want to get stronger and beat him up.”

“Yes, i will.”

Roja nodded his head.

Although he was still weaker than Akainu, He will get more powerful as he upgrades the soul sword. If he reached the fifth stage he will open Yamamoto’s Shikai …

The magma against the suns surface temperature, which is stronger?

This question is very interesting, Roja himself would like to know the answer.

If there was someone listening to the conversation between Roja and Garp, they would spurt blood over three meters away.

“Ah right.”

Seeing Roja ready to return to his room, Garp Suddenly had a though and looked deeply at Roja.

“what ?”

Garp having this look was rare, So Roja paused and blinked at him.

“Well, Nothing …”

Garp with deep eyes staring at Roja then suddenly shook his head and said “It seems that you have a lot of secrets that i don’t know of. But since you don’t want to tell me, There should be a reason. So I won’t ask.”

Although Garp seemed like a muscle brain, that doesn’t mean that he is stupid. On the contrary, When he chases Roger he proved how smart he was.


Roja remained silent for a moment, Then he went back into his room.

Roja rarely conceals anything from Garp. Even his idea about Akainu, he directly said it.

Harm won’t cause him any harm. Garp cherishes his family and as long as Roja was recognized as family, then that’s the important thing.

Marine headquarter harbor.

A medium sized warship docked. Some Marine officers were waiting on the deck.

Their task was to send a batch of materials to the west blue.

“Who did you say was the newly appointed Leader of the first branch?”

“How can i know that.”

Several captains were talking to each other. the delivery task isn’t a dangerous task, as the probability of danger was very low.

At this time a figure appeared and came over to the warship. As the figure came closer and closer, they saw that this figure was wearing the rear admiral uniform.

“It to be him.”

The officers of the Marine made an awe-inspiring queue to meet their new leader.

Just when that figure boarded the warship. Those captains exposed a stunned look. because the one wearing the rear admiral uniform was really young. It seemed like he has yet to pass twenty years.

This was there first time seeing a rear admiral this young.

This person was naturally Roja.

Originally with the rank of a rear admiral, Roja would sit on standby on the headquarter. But an accident occurred the past few days.

the first branch’s rear admiral was defeated by a pirate group.

The west blue wasn’t the Grandline, So a pirate defeating a Rear admiral was rare. the west blue was one of the weakest seas and it was impossible for the strongest pirate there to win against a rear admiral.

A rear admiral from a branch can’t be compared with a rear admiral from the headquarter.

because of this, the Gecko pirate group captain’s reward increased from 15 million berry to 70 million berry. Which made his bounty one of the highest in the west blue.

there is no specific information. They didn’t know if the gecko pirates were still there or did they enter the Grandline.

Since they could kill  Marine officer, then the normal officers won’t be able to deal with them.

The west blue is too large. whether they will are still there or not is unknown.

And as a result, the Marine headquarter appointed Roja as a temporary leader to the first branch of the west blue.

Whether strength or intelligence, Roja was undoubtedly the most appropriate one to take over. And if Roja did a good job there and was promoted to a vice admiral I would be for the best.

Roja didn’t refuse this appointment.

In some aspect, he held similar aspect as Garp. he didn’t like to be bound to the rules. and Compared to staying in the headquarter or going out to the sea, he would choose freedom.

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