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Chapter 59 : Conflict!
“What will you do even if you know that ?”

Lucci glanced fanitly at the the front of the crowd and said very calmly “I only want to know one thing now. Are you this camp’s strongest ?”

His tone was ridiculing everyone in the camp and from the beginning he was arrogant.

Hearing this everyone from the camp sneered.

It was obvious what the world government wanted to do. It was to beat them up!

Very Good move three step forward and looked coldly at those people then said “It look like your looking for trouble.”

“Ha Ha”

Jabra looked at him and said with a trace of mockery “Yes we came looking for trouble what about it ?”

in the top floor of the Marine fortress.

in a very spacious hall The higher ups in the Maine headquarter are gather there.

The fleet admiral Sengoku with the three admirals , Garp As well as the Marine elite camp instructor and former admiral Z.

In Addition to them there are other people not wearing the Marine uniform which were officials from the world government.

“This is the case.”


Sengoku looked at his front and nodded calmly at the official.

Sengoku  was highest ranked in the Marine as he get order only from the world government.

In the other hand Kisaru was drinking tea as this has nothing to do with him and Aokiji looked like he will fall asleep at any second.

Akainu was standing behind Sengoku looking calmly while listening the world government official without expressing his thought or commenting.

After Sengoku and that official talked for a while, submitted some document and stopped talking.

The official got up and was ready to leave.

And at this time one of the officials turned around and looked at Z and said ” Yes, Z some of the Cp are here to look for your elite camp recruits and have a fight with them.”

“What ?”

Z frowned and said “Have they gone already ? why didn’t you tell me ?”

“If we were there how will they ‘communicate’, don’t worry they will not be too heavy handed as i gave them the order already.”

Another one said ” Z you look so anxious, Is the so called elites are just for show , Don’t you have any confidence in them.”

Z coldly looked at that official and said “You ordered them to not be heavy handed and i didn’t, if some of your people die then you bear the consequences.”

“Ho Ho…”

the official did not speak but laughed instead and then they left the hall and Z left too.

In the hall only Sengoku and the others remained.

“Cp prepared and exchange between our camp and theirs. Am really looking forward to it.”Aokiji looked happy and directly stood up and left the hall.

At the same time Garp was eating. 

“I still have thing to do i shall go first.”

As he said that Garp left.

Looking at the leaving Aokiji and Garp, Sengoku shook his head and did not say a thing.

“Teacher Z’s recruits are probably good but i heard that Mr.Garp’s nephew is in the camp as well. such an event is worthy of attention. Mr Sengoku don’t you want to watch ?”

Kisaru who is still drinking his tea stood up while revealing a wretched smile then looked at Sengoku.

the latter had a headache from this situation.

It was really troublesome.

What was those five old man thinking. It look like a completely small matter but in fact it isn’t. Even if the Cp and Marine both belong to the world government, the two of them didn’t have a good relationship.

Just now Z was unhappy and one of the recruit’s was Roja, Garp’s nephew. And if Roja received even a wound Garp will not sit still.

Z in not impulsive but he couldn’t say so about Garp. If Garp took actions then the result would be devastating and if he really want he will get out of the Marine.

 Thinking to here Sengoku calmed himself down and took a deep breath then said “Well Let’s go over and see.”

The headquarter second floor, The training field.

“is this the extent of your ability ?”

Jabra was standing in the field while in his hand was an irregular shaped ball. While the talking to mock the ball. And after a close look that ball was Very Goods head.

An on the ground the rest of his body has turned top balls and was rolling.

“So strong …”

“Very Good wasn’t his match at all.”

The elite camp members are looking dumbfounded at this scene and seeing the eyes Of Jabra they felt deep fear.

Very Good wasn’t the strongest in the elite camp but he still is strong. but in front of Jabra he was defeated effortlessly.

There wasn’t anyone in the elite camp crowd who could face against Jabra except for smoker.

“Why are you here.”

Smoker got out of the crowd and in his mouth were two cigars. Smoke filled the place while he said to Rob Lucci and the others.

Jabra did not speak but looked at Smoker at first then exposed an arrogant smile said “If you could defeat me i will tell you.”


Smoker’s face sank. Without shooting or doing talking any nonsense. He directly attacked Jabra.

Jabra Thew the ball in his hand and attacked at the same time.


The battle didn’t take a single hit to defeat Somker. Karba punched Smoker’s body but he didn’t expect his punch to pass through as that part of Smoker’s body turned to smoke.

This made Jabra freeze for a moment. Smoker used that opportunity to Attack him and sent him flying.


“Logia Devil Fruit ?”

After the short confrontation Jabra knew he wasn’t Smoker’s opponent So he didn’t move forward to continue but still looked at Smoker angrily.

Smoker didn’t continue to chase but with his two cigars in his mouth he said.

“Why are you here ?”

“Do you really think i will tell you ?”

Jabra eyes revealed a cunning look while said with a tone of ridicule.

Smoker frowned and looked coldly at Jabra. And at this time Rob Lucci come forward and stood in front of Smoker.

“The purpose is to test the elite recruits strength.”

Lucci answered Smoker’s question and then looked at Smoker calmly and said.

“Are you the strongest recruit ?”

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