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Chapter 58 : Rob Lucci
The effect of Haki isn’t simple increase in offense and defense.

The Kenbunshoku Haki can perceive various attack while the Busoshoku Haki can be used to attack Logia type Devil fruit. So after learning it he won’t be afraid to face any Logia user as Busoshoku is the most efficient weapon against them.

Of course someone with a devil fruit can also practice Haki. So the outcome will depend on whose Haki is stronger. Haki in this world can be described as important.

In those two months there wasn’t any accidenst as Roja strength was steadily improving. In addition to the Haki practice, His soul sword once again upgraded two times.

After thinking about it The property bar appeared before Roja.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +6

Attribute: Attack power +230, power +70, agile +70

Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 

Improved energy: 42/180

Even after the basic attributes upgraded the effect wasn’t obvious anymore for Roja.

The time for the fourth stage is gradually coming.

From the second to the third stage, the basic attribute enhanced by much and in the next stage upgrade it will probably be another huge increase again.

In addition to that , he will get another basic attribute and also he will get the chance to extract another special attribute.

“I don’t know what attribute will i extract in the fourth stage …”

After murmuring in his heart Roja put away the property bar and put his sword in his scabbard and stretched his body.

“I has been two months since the last mission …”

In the elite camp, The frequency of the mission should be two to three months. But Z still didn’t mention any news about the mission.

Not having a mission is just right. As he still didn’t master the Busoshoku hardening . Which was a problem that has to be solved. And his physical strength didn’t reach the limit yet as he can continue to improve.

He need to make his Busoshoku Stronger and also improve his control until there won’t be a chance of failure.

Roja didn’t hear any news about the mission and didn’t take the initiative to ask.

the Marine headquarter fortress second floor.

In the large field The elite camp member were practicing while chatting with each other.

“It’s been about three months from the last mission.”

“You don’t need pay attention to that. Probably they don’t have any real mission.”

Several Elite camp members sat down to rest and drink some water. They started talking about not having a mission and couldn’t help but feel strange.

Usually every two month the elite camp will take a mission. And even if it was delayed it won’t exceed three months. But now from the last task there is more then three months.

“Are yo

u talking about the next mission ?”

At this time Ain come over while looking at the few people talking ” I asked teacher before. And because of something the mission will be delayed for few months.”

“Few months ?”

Hearing Ain words the recruit looked at each other.

Although not everyone like missions but they couldn’t help but wonder “Did something happen for them to delay mission for a few months  ?”

“I didn’t hear about any event that happened in the sea recently.”

A few recruits paused their practice and talked about the topic.

“I don’t know if you want to know you can ask teacher.”

“Why do i need the reason of the delay. The important thing is that there will be one.”

Someone laughed after hearing this. They are not happy to go on mission. The missions will make them stressful and even if they won’t lose their life the shame from having Z rescue them is enough.

Everyone continued to chat.

Suddenly the main entrance of the practice area was pushed directly by a group of people.

After the group came in, they went to the center of the field while being led by a person. that person was calm and indifferent while looking at the crowd then said.

“Are the strongest recruits in The Marine headquarter here ?”

“You are …”

The elite camp crowd saw those people come in and were a bit surprised.

because they weren’t wearing the Marine uniform which means they aren’t from the Marine. If they could come here while being not from the Marine then their identity is worth considering.

This group of people although different in size But there are men and women. The clothes are different then the Marine but still look life a uniform.

“You don’t need to know who we are.”

A person looked indifferently with a condescending look at the crowd from the elite camp.

The group of people come with such attitude and now they are talking with such a cold and arrogant tone. Suddenly everyone’s faces in the elite camp turned cold.

This time everyone from the elite camp gathered together.

There was about thirty people in the elite camp which was more then those who came in by several times.

Even thought they were a few people but in the face of the elite camp members, they not only didn’t have a disadvantage but they even felt slightly better.

“You people are from the world government.”

Someone said coldly from the elite recruits.

Not a Marine but still have access to the Marine headquarter. Come to the elite training camp with a clothing that looked like an official uniform. certainly these people are from world government.

And that guess was right. Those people are directly under the world Government, the members of the CP.

And the person leading this group was the person who will become a member of the CP9 and known as the strongest member in The CP9 history … Rob Lucci!

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