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Chapter 55 : Return

In the New World.

A large pirate ship was sailing slowly.

In the pirate ship there was a cabin and the internal structure of that cabin was very delicate which gave an aristocratic atmosphere. It was nothing like a pirate shop.

At this time.

Inside that cabin, a person was sitting next to the table as he was using the den den moshi.

“So you want to say … The second devision in the south blue was completely destroyed and Lao G was arrested there?” Doflamingo said while his tone didn’t contain any joy.


From the other side the voice responded.

“Ok , I get it.”

Doflamingo hung up the den den moshi and slowly his face sank while his hand were gently placed on his forehead. The atmosphere was completely silent.

But in this kind of depressing atmosphere Doflamnigo suddenly laughed.

“fufufu … fufufufufufu … “

The depressing atmosphere was suddenly broken by the laugh of Doflamingo. It was a creepy laugh. As if it had only darkness and evil and after that laugh no one would know what Doflamningo was thinking about.

“Lao G is skilled and if it was the Marines in the south blue then they wouldn’t be able to a thing. This world will gradually lose balance, so how will the Marine and the world government move ?”

In the sea a warship was sailing.

Roja who was inside the cabin came out to the deck. But he found all the elite camps member gathered there. Seems like they were having a banquet.

Some people saw Roja. They had their eyes flash with a light of awe. Not only because of his strength but also because of his fight against Lao G which was a fierce battle to the extreme.

Now everyone is clear about Roja’s ferociousness. He was an overbearing existence which was different to the harmless look he possessed.

The strong are feared. But the aggressive are more feared.

Of course, not everyone was in awe as Hina directly pulled Roja.

“Yo, After burning the entire island you finally took a rest ?” Hina relied on railing by the deck side and directed a slightly frivolous look at Roja.

“Of course, If i didn’t rest well would you help me massage my legs?”Roja looked at Hina, shrugged and smiled.

Hearing his sentence, Hina snappily glanced at him.

“Massage your head! Before the mission I was next to you on the street and i was almost burned by your fire”Hina now looked really angry.

Roja smiled and looked at Hina “I am really sorry about that. You were looking for me for a compensation right ? what do you want ?”

Hina snorted then no longer cared about Roja as she turned to chat with ain.

Roja looked at a free corner and sat down. They still didn’t reach the windless sea. the wind was blowing gently bringing comfortable cool feeling.

The crowd was pouring wine which Roja still didn’t know where they found it. Before they could drink a serious voice sounded.

“What are you doing ?”

Roja looked up to see Z expressionless while coming out of the cabin.

Seeing Z this time the crowd didn’t get up. They all looked at each other.

In the past after every mission there will be a banquet but generally there was no wine and this time as no one knew why in the warship aside from water reserves there was drinks.

The field was in silence.

If a needle was to fall on the ground the sound could be heard clearly.

And in this silence Z suddenly smiled. He broke the silence by saying ” This time only. No next time.”

Z today was in a very good mood. Even if drinking was against the rule, so that they can be ready to fight in any moment.

But if a former Admiral couldn’t handle something would those in the elite camp in the sober state change a thing ?

with the permission of Z all the people present froze then suddenly cheered up.

The banquet started again.

Roja didn’t participate in the drinking but was enjoying the breeze while leaning on the side of the railing.

Suddenly a burst of smoke came with the breeze.

Smoker who was having two cigars dangling on his mouth came to the side of Roja. While he also leaned on the railing. After a while He suddenly asked 

“What do you think about the Marine and their justice ?”

Smoker joined the Marine for his own thinking. Many had their own understanding about justice but Smoker didn’t care about any of them.

Looking at the entire members of the elite camp, Smoker could only pay attention to Roja, who showed so much talent which exceeded his by far. and once Roja learn Haki he won’t be his opponent anymore.

So Smoker wanted to know Roja’s idea.

Roja looked at Smoker and said freely “If the heart feel it’s right then it’s justice.”

Hearing this Smoker was silent and then looked at Roja deeply.

This answer was beyond his expectations. from the previous fight, while looking at his momentum and style, Roja with no doubt hate to obey others when he think he is right and he won’t be subject to any rules.

Your own heart  is the rule.

Ordinary people won’t have this kind of idea. Looking at the world now many people had this kind of idea but most of them are pirates. In the Marine there isn’t almost a single one.

The warship trip was from the south blue into the windless sea then into the redline.

In this process they didn’t encounter pirates at first. But a group of lucky pirates who wanted to cross into the redline encountered Z and the elite camp. After the battle that the elites won easily there was no other problems.

The warship safely returned to the Marine headquarter. After that the elite camp members had nothing more to do. So everybody returned to their room.

Roja returned to his “Home” to find Garp there. he told him about the mission. Then he went to rest a little.

“Tomorrow i will began my Haki practice.”

Roja shook his fist and returned to his bed to rest.

The next day

Roja was on the second floor of the Marine fortress which was the elite camp training field. And Z has long been waiting for him.

Haki practice now begin.

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