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Chapter 56 : Haki training
Mariejois The place where the celestial dragons(ED:Sick bastards) live also where the world government reside.

In a luxurious and exquisite hall, Five people were standing there. They are the core of the world government. the actual power controlling the government.(Gorusei)

“DonQuixote Doflamingo … “

“He was trying to establish a black trading netword in the south blue. we don’t know how wide as we could only dig one island. He will be difficult to deal with.”

Even those five seniors had a headache while thinking about how to deal with Doflamingo.

The degree of trouble Doflamingo brought in the view of those five seniors is no less than the four emperors. he was one of the world nobility even without that privilege he is still a headache.

“Well, We need a solution to this. Many powers had established their forces and are hard to shake anymore for example the four emperors.”

“The white beard, The beast kaido, The Big mom , And the red haired Shanks … Many called them the four emperors but now it became real.”

Rojer was the one to start all this mess. He started the pirates era and now the world strongest man White Beard is escorting this era. So the world government found it hard to put an end to it.

“Once the four emperor forces completely form, I am afraid that with the Marine power alone it will be hard to maintain the balance.”

“The Marine seem to be getting worse by every year and there is no more promising youth like Borsalino, Sakazuki and Kuzan.”

“Indeed, The quality of the recruits is down or maybe Z’s teaching level is in decline.”

Here the five people were shaking there heads.

Akainu, Aokiji and kisaru rose at a very fast speed.

At that time They thought that Three would be the new pillars of the Marine and many other promising youth will join the Marine.

but after so many years there was no recruit that could compare to the three of them.

“What is the situation with the recruits today?”

“How are the Cp doing ?”

Sitting of the sofa one of the five said after drinking his tea ” The Cp prepared some good members, i think letting the Cp and the Marineford recruits face each other will be a good experience.”

The Cp wasn’t under the jurisdiction of the Marine but it was directly under the World government and it could be regarded as another organization.

“Yes that exchange doesn’t have to be a public one.”

  The other four nodded their heads.

For them this kind of thing is just a trifle. unless someone with one of the three admirals talent appear, anything else is not worthy of their attention.

what they really care about is the development of the Marine for the future of the world.

 Marine headquarter.

In a separate practice field Z was teaching Roja how to use Haki.

Busoshoku Haki and the body strength are closely related.

The stronger the body the stronger the Haki. And if the body is weak then the Haki will be weak.

for example In the island of women “Amazon lily”, Most of their soldier could use Haki but because there strength is insufficient their Haki was very weak.

The practice of Haki needs time it isn’t something that can be learned overnight.

Practicing Haki without physical strength is a waste of time. It’s like putting the cart before the horse.

The potential of the body is almost infinite. It’s strength can always get stronger theoretically. but the stronger the body the more difficult the improvement.

In general the strength of the Body can be improved without a limit but in certain stage If you  want  to improve you strength it will be very very difficult. so practicing Haki will be more appropriate.

If other people had the strength of Roja’s body from before then they will start there Haki training. But Z found it a bit too early.

But Roja now was different.

The last few months Roja was very weak but after practicing every day like a madman he became what he is today. If this was too early for some people Then it won’t apply on Roja.

“The strength of the Busoshoku Haki varies from person to person. But control is the key this is a fact.”

Now that Roja will be practicing Haki, Z started to explain in a very simple way and with a gentle tone.

“Practicing Busoshoku Haki to be able to barely cover The fist or the weapon to slightly enhance the attack power which is just getting started.”

“if one can Make the Haki not around but highly condensed and attach it to a weapon or a fist to the point that it will change it’s color into ink blue or black. which can be called mastering the Busoshoku Haki.”

“Furthermore one has to be able to attach haki to any part of his body. And to achieve this it’s hard even for those who mastered Haki.”

“Of course The most fundamental Is the strength of The Haki. As no matter how perfect the control is If it’s not strong enough then it’s not strong enough.”

Z continued to Talk and Roja nodded form time to time.

Z taught Roja many things which Roja knew but wasn’t sure about and most of what he knew was correct.

When someone use the whole body Busoshoku He doesn’t need strong control but he need’s power.

Assuming that Roja’s Haki had a value of ten so whether he use the Busoshoku in a part of his body or in his whole Body will depend on that value of ten if it’s sufficient.

So the strength of the Busoshoku Haki is fundamental.

Z leisurely looked at Roja, paused for a bit then slowly said again.

“Using the whole body busoshoku without a doubt will let your defense be more powerful but still the strength is fundamental and now you only need to practice to use Haki on a part of your body.”

Z said what Roja thought about. if he didn’t know how to use the Haki in his sword but use it to defend. it would be simply a waste.

Regardless who the enemy in front of him, he will cut them with his sword.

This is the style of Roja.

Seeing Roja nod his head Z smiled then said “Then let the Haki training officially begin. Listen you need …”

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