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Chapter 52 : battle with Lao G
,”Busoshoku Haki ?”

Roja looked at the painted black fist then jumped away to retreat a few meters and wasn’t surprised at all.


At the same time Loa G who was wrapped by the flames suddenly used some kind of power which made the flames scatter to the side as his figure once again appeared.

Loa G although although he was out of the flames but he wasn’t unscathed as most of his clothes were burned while some still had flames on them.

“Damn Marine Brat, Using surprise to set me on fire … “

At first he didn’t put Roja in his eyes as he didn’t think that Roja got such speed and the flames were aggressive which caught him off guard and that made him really angry.

Loa g directly rushed toward Roja again.

Sword Flow , Torch!

Roja looked at Loa G who was rushing toward him and grabbed his sword. Flames suddenly burst out around Roja making a ring of fire.

“Do you think this will be able to block me.”

Loa G’s voice sounded outside the flame and then a  terrifying fist come. If any other from the elite camp faced this they didn’t stand a chance against it .

“G no Kokuin !”

Lao G forced his way into the flame And directed his fist at Roja with unstoppable speed.

“I know your tricks.”

“In the Face of Loa G’s fist Roja was fearless he placed his foot a little back then he swung his sword which producing a low cry.

“Getsuga … Tensho!”

A strange force suddenly came out and a crescent shaped red energy shot out bursted out from Roja’s sword and headed toward Loa G.

Whether the strength of the wing or the energy produced after the swing both were double the previous attack. it can’t compare with the energy that was within the flames.

Loa g could resist Roja’s energy strike before But in the face of a sudden power his expression changed.

The distance was close and it’s too late to escape. Loa G crossed his hands on his chest while hardening Then with Busoshoku Haki as he was forced to receive the strike.


Lao G bounced back due to the force his foot opened a crack on the ground while he tried to stopand on his wrist there was bloodsatins with the blood still spilling.

Loa G wasn’t Z or Garp even if he used the Busoshoku Haki he won’t be able to receive his Getsuga Tensho head on Like Z last time.

“Even if you can you the Busoshoku Haki so what …”

Roja was proudly holding his sword and standing with his head high.

Looking at this scene Smoker couldn’t help but look with shock Even if Roja was strong he didn’t think that his attack could be this tyrannical that even the Busoshoku Haki used by this pirate couldn’t resist his attack.

In term of attack his above Smoker!


Loa G looked at his wrist which had a scar now. he took a deep breath and said

“Really i underestimated you. it seem your not an rodinary kid …”

The next moment Loa G again rushed toward Roja and the fight resumed.


 Roja kept releasing flames so that the field temperature kept on raising.

Although Loa G could force the flame away from his body he wasn’t immune to fire and more or less will be burned.

Monstious flames swept in all directions. the whole street lit up and turned into a fire street.

And this time those who were searching for the escaping pirate and cleaning the rest saw the flames again which was more intense then before as if waves that kept coming one after the other.

“It’s … Roja’s ability.”

“is there an enemy ?”

Many of the elite camp people were together already when they saw the flames rising. The whole street was on fire so even those who were close couldn’t get in.

they could feel the heat waves coming one after the others. just staying there made their sweat dry and vapor rise.

The crowd were surprised and didn’t know against who Roja was fighting when suddenly they heard a bombing sound.


In the street a house come crashing down and a figure shot out directly and flew out of the street then hit the ground.

When the elite camp people saw that figure almost all of them exposed a shocked expression.

The one that flew out was Smoker.

“Cough! Cough!”

Smoker coughed twice while his mouth there was a trace of blood. Seeing this the elite camp people looked at him in more shock.

“Even Smoker got hurt ?”

“What a joke, are you saying that Roja and Smoker battled then Roja hurt Smoker ?”

“No no, look carefully!”

On the side the crowd was in uproar after finding something. Looking at the direction Smoker was looking at there was two figure in confrontation.


Suddenly someone rushed out of the flames while covered in burns and was nearly not wearing a thing.

At the same time another figure rushed behind the first one while he was swinging his sword at him.

The first to come out was Loa G and without a doubt Roja was after him.

When the two were out of flame Smoker was already standing while surrounded by smoke and once again rushed in.

This was a mission to catch pirates not a one on one fighting arena. Smoker naturally will not let Roja have that one on one battle As he joined the battle.

but as Loa G will use Haki and his fruit doesn’t have any attacking power His shortcomings  suddenly were out which is his attack power that was a little weak compared to Roja and Loa G.

The smoke will only play the role of hindering the opponent sight. this battle was dominated by Roja.

And because Roja’s attacks can cause damage to Lao G. So when the latter receive attacks from Roja he will try to avoid and when Smoker attack he will attack back.

Lao G was one of the DonQuixote Family’s Elite members so he when he fought seriously, Smoker was sent flying several time as he was wounded and was vomiting blood.

This is the first time Smoker felt weak on a mission after entering the elite camp.

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