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Chapter 51 : Lao G

At the central hotel highest office.

Z was quietly standing there overlooking the entire island and most of the time he was looking at Roja. Watching Roja kill Lucifer and other strong opponents. He looked at Roja being unstoppable wherever he went.

“I didn’t expect him to have the best performance in his first mission.”

If it was the previous Z then he may not tolerate so much killing, but since his family was killed Z no longer cared.

Z appreciated Roja’s performance.

Suddenly Z’s expression changed when he saw a person coming out of the hotel.

“He is finally out ?”

Upon seeing this person Z was ready to go and suppress him because no one in the elite camp could match him.

But when he saw the direction that person was headed to Z stopped his action. and suddenly  his face showed a trace of interest.

“If it is him… it can be interesting.”

On the island.

Many of the elite camp people were cleaning up the mess separately while the remaining were killing the rest of the pirates

The elites weren’t all unscathed. They had many injuries but most of them are light. They just  consumed a lot of stamina.

There are some relaxed elites that didn’t get in any hard fights. First it was Smoker then after him come Roja.

If he didn’t meet with Lucifer and used two Getsuga Tensho and also used the flames countless times Roja may be more relaxed than Smoker.

And this time Roja and Smoker met on the same street.

“It’s you.”

Smoker looked at the other side of the street and paused his footsteps then said “Lucifer … you got him ?”

Roja caused a commotion, so probably the stronger person had gone for him, Smoker met some slight stronger pirates but none of them were that much. So he was sure that  Roja should have fighted with Lucifer

But when Roja appeared before him Smoker eyes flashed because the former seemed very relaxed. So he couldn’t help but doubt that Roja met the captain Lucifer.

“You won’t be hearing that name again.”Roja responded casually.

This mission didn’t give him any pressure so the energy did’t increase by much. this wasn’t as good as the first assessment which made Roja unsatisfied.

Hearing those words Smoker nodded slightly as he was just slightly surprised because after killing Lucifer Roja still seemed relaxed and wasn’t exhausted. It seems like Roja was stronger then he expected.

But he has a Logia type devil fruit so his body could change into smoke. So unless Roja know Haki or had a sea stone then Smoker will hold the advantage if they fought.

“You come here while cleaning on your way and most of the others are doing the same so the mission is about to end i think” Smoker talked while two cigars dangling from his mouth and went to Roja’s side.

At this time Roja and Smoker expressions changed. They turned around to see a person at the same side of the street. They didn’t know when he appeared.

Looking at him Roja’s eyes Flashed a little bit. That face was familiar.

Then a thought flashed in his mind while his memory jolted.

“This guy … DonQuixote family elite Lao G ?”

Lao G!!

One of the family members of the DonQuixote family who used the Martial art of the Jio-Ken style  And even if he is not as powerful as the time of the original story, but as one of the elite members of the DonQuixote family he should at least have the strength of a Rear admiral.

Doflamingo’s power although far less than the Yonko, but he made the Marine have constant headache as big pirate group.

At this time Lao G looked at Roja and Smoker coldly.

“Lucifer is really useless. Not only was he exposed, he  couldn’t even handle the mess he created, and now i have to make a move myself …”

With a cold tone his killing intent filled the air as he didn’t put Roja and Smoker the two youngsters in his eyes.

Feeling the power Lao G was letting out Smoker knew that this person wasn’t like the other small fries.

“Let me handle this guy!”

“Do you understand what your saying ?”

Roja glanced at Smoker who want him to retreat and watch.

Smoker brow wrinkled and was ready to retort but the distant Lao G rushed over the two.

This situation is dangerous.

For Lao G he only need to destroy the Marines on the island then destroy the island and move to another one.

And almost as Lao G reached them Roja was the first to move.


Almost instantly Roja’s body blurred and flashed in front of Lao G while swinging his sword.

“Sword Flow , Cremate!”

Roja didn’t expect that he would meet the DonQuixote family elite in this mission and in the face of the latter, he had only one idea and that is … Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

No matter the enemy with his sword in hand he will cut anyone.


The sword was yet to fall but flames already rushed toward Lao G and was a silver white sharp energy which followed behind the flames.

Lao G didn’t think that Roja was so fast and didn’t have time to avoid the flames.


A Roar sounded as flames burst which instantly swallowed Lao G then the energy attack and Roja’s sword followed behind and fell at the same time.

Smoker rushed toward Lao G with the intent to fight but apparently didn’t expect Roja to be so fast and already made his attack against Lao G.

Even so he didn’t expect that Roja’s attack would succeed. Now Lao G was swallowed by the flames which made Smoker think.

Is this person really that strong ?


In the next moment when Roja’s sword fell a sound of iron hitting iron sounded .

In the middle of the flames, Roja was shocked to see Lao G defending his sword with a fist
(Ed: Finally met his match, eh?)

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