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Chapter 224
Chapter 224: The World Is Boiling

These Horrific Pillar of flames stretched horizontally, Roja was standing in the center of all of this, Almost half of the island was enveloped by those pillars as they continued to expand even more .

Big mom’s pirates couldn’t resist those pillars as they were burned, even those cadres couldn’t do a thing .

“This, this…”

Smoothie looked in every direction, they were completely surrounded by the pillars of fire, Their eyes were aghast as they looked toward Katakuri hoping that he can find a way out of this .

But at this time, Katakuri was standing in his place like a wooden stick, he couldn’t even move .

Many leaders contacted ships in nearby islands and left the island’s ground .

They looked at the scene in their backs and were completely aghast by those dozen fire pillars .

These flames were as if coming straight from hell!


Finally, those dozens of pillars expanded and suddenly merged together when they reached Roja,  Finally, they exploded .

The terrifying blast swept all directions, everything got burned whether it was Big mom’s cadres or the commanders or even the strange life forms in the island .

even the thundercloud was destroyed in the blink of an eye as even the sky was bright red .

The flames swept all of the

Cake Island .

In just a moment, the whole island was flattened, everything turned to ashes .

The explosion with Roja in the center reached a radius of ten miles . It didn’t just destroy Cake island it even directly blasted away the dark clouds in the sky .

Under the temperature of 6 thousand degrees, even the sea water was burning .

The scene was too shocking, even some of the leaders who escaped and retreated far away were affected as they didn’t even issue a sound and directly turned to ashes .

“The powers of flames can be this horrifying?!”

The remaining survivors, with Stussy being one of them looked at this scene and their mind went blank .

Stussy thought about her talk with Roja .

There is absolutely no one who dare to cause trouble on the Cake island?!

Now this sentence seemed like a joke!

The cake island was almost completely destroyed, Everything burned down, At the last moment, Charlotte Linlin endured the pain in her soul and pushed her powers to the extreme to defend a small place .

Except for Charlotte Linlin, everyone was dead and turned to ash .

Regardless of how much Reiatsu Roja used, Ryujin Jakka is the strongest, Except for the Yonko and some other few, no one can resist against such power .


Not to mention, Roja used Ryujin Jakka without holding anything back and even used his Reiatsu to pressure everyone .

Big mom’s pirate’s cadres who had space type devil fruit couldn’t even move to escape, they could only stand still and see the flames burn them .

It can be said that with this, the entire Big mom pirates were destroyed .

“Damn bastard… how dare you…” (Tl: Kaiba!! Is that you… Wrong novel sorry!)

At this moment Charlotte Linlin was almost crazy, the huge pain in her soul made her lose a little bit of her sanity .

“With such an attack, You power consumption should be as great, so let’s go to hell together!”

Charlotte Linlin Roared and attacked Roja .


Roja used his sword to resist as he was looking pale: “Even if I consumed a lot of power, so What?!”

in the face of such attack, Roja didn’t have any idea of retreat, he waved his sword and attacked .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames continued to emerge, from time to time, A Sword energy would emerge at Charlotte Linlin, she was getting more and more burn marks and wounds .

Her fruit is totally useless against Roja, she almost can’t affect Roja, she could only use her Haki against him .

She wasn’t Roja’s opponent, her fruit was fully restrained, the outcome of the fight

the fight is easy to predict .

Charlotte Linlin relying on her body to defend, they continued for hours, at the end she still couldn’t deplete Roja’s Reiatsu completely and fell down .

One of the Yonko, Charlotte Linlin, today fell!

Then after a short rest,  Roja left the Cake island and went to other islands that were controlled by Big mom to deal with the remaining forces .

Even by just releasing his Haoshoku he would make all the people on island unconscious .

Those leaders failed to escape, they were caught by Roja and those who resist will die, those who surrendered will hold on to their lives .

Dozens of Islands were completely suppressed by Roja overnight .

At this point, The Big mom’s pirates… was completely Destroyed!

In the first half of the Grand line, In some place, Crocodile was sitting in a dark room .

A shadow suddenly appeared and handed some documents to him .

“Check this out!”

Now Nico Robin already joined the Baroque Works as Miss All-Sunday, She took a deep breath as her voice shuddered .

“Is this the intelligence about the New World? I am not interested in the Battle between the Marine and the Yonko…”

Just as he glanced, his face suddenly changed, his pupil shrank as he looked Shocked: “This news… Is it true?”

“Totally true . ”

Robin responded, . ”

Robin responded, but her voice trembled as she talked .

Her pair of eyes shined as she remembered the scene when she encountered Roja .

Who could image that young handsome man, in just a few years would reach the peak of this world and even…

He alone defeated a Yonko’s entire forces .

Crocodile took a deep breath as his eyes turned solemn, to confront a Yonko alone, even if it was Whitebeard himself, he wouldn’t necessarily win .

And Roja, the Admiral, did it .

Even if this didn’t mean that Roja was stronger than Whitebeard, But at least his strength wasn’t any weaker than him .

Thinking about this, Crocodile’s eyes flashed as he murmured in his heart .

“It seems like we must get the Ancient Weapons as soon as possible, And only by using its powers can we fight the world government and these monsters . ”

Similar to what happened with crocodile, various powers in the world couldn’t help but be shocked .

Even Aokiji and Kisaru were completely shocked as they reached the sea beside the Cake island, They couldn’t believe their own eyes .

this day made the world boil!

16 years in the Pirate’s golden era, The new Admiral, Monkey . D . Roja, alone defeated the Yonko Big mom’s pirates and completely annihilated them .

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