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Chapter 223
Chapter 223: What Is A Shinigami

Charlotte Linlin’s attack isn’t that simple, Other than Kaido and the other Yonko who could resist her attacks, She would devour part of the other party’s life .

What is More, she drag their souls out of their body, so it’s extremely hard to resist this kind of power .

But when Charlotte Linlin tried to pull Roja’s soul, She felt she just pulled a huge tree that didn’t even shake .

So she directly pushed her fruit ability to the extreme and tried again and again .

With those pull, Roja didn’t even move, But his soul couldn’t be brought out, he just let her do what she wanted as his clothes fluttered by the wind .

Shinigami more, Roja was in that move, so why would his soul come out of his body?

Charlotte Linlin pulled as hard as she could, but she couldn’t do a thing, Suddenly she felt a terrifying Haoshoku Haki and Shock appeared on her face .

“The soul Fruit is really powerful, But… I am a Shinigami!”

Roja looked at

the Horrified Charlotte Linlin’s face, his eyes revealed the irony he felt: “Perhaps you don’t know what a Shinigami is, Then let me Show you!”

The moment his voice died down, Roja’s eyes turned cold as he released his Reiatsu .


Before, When She tried to Pull Roja’s soul, she felt like she was trying to pull a mountain, But when Roja released his Reiatsu, there was only one word to describe it…


As if she was an ant in front of him, she couldn’t even try to resist such a power .

” This is impossible!”

Charlotte Linlin’s eyes were aghast, this is her first time encountering such a powerful soul, even all the souls she pulled before together couldn’t get close to this pressure .

This was a confrontation of soul power .

Roja’s terrifying Reiatsu directly pressured her body, In this world, the people who had a stronger soul than her are a few, And her ability let her be one of the Yonko .

But, The amount of power her soul had is just like a child play against a

a Shinigami .

It’s simply the between Heaven and earth .

“nothing is impossible, even if you are standing at the peak of the sea, You’re just like a frog in a well, you don’t know how vast is the sky!”

Roja held his sword and pointed it at Charlotte Linlin’s then fiercely waved his sword .

Even she is a Yonko, How can she know what Shinigami means .


Roja sword swept at her while it was surrounded by flames, but this attack wasn’t like the other attacks .

This attack didn’t cut her body but it directly cut her soul .

In this world, the soul is bound by the flesh, It wasn’t a simple concept of inside and outside . Unless one dies, his soul won’t come out of his body .

And even if he dies, his soul would come out and directly be taken by some strange power of this world, after all this isn’t a world with Shinigami .

Charlotte Linlin used her fruit ability and suffered from this attack, so her soul was in disorder

in disorder right now .


Charlotte Linlin’s body was covered by her Busoshoku so Roja’s attack didn’t affect her body much, but her soul was injured .

“Ah ah ah ah ah!!”

Charlotte Linlin uttered a loud scream from the pain coming from her soul, Even if she is a Yonko, she couldn’t endure such a pain .

She crazily retreated and tumbled while her hands were clutching her head as she constantly screamed .

“What happened?!”

The sound of screams was heard all over the island, Which made countless pirates horrified, they almost never heard Charlotte Linlin scream from pain .

Even Katakuri was shocked, Because of the flames he couldn’t see what happened, he even failed to predict the future at this moment .

But there was no doubt, They have to stop Roja .

Charlotte Linlin came out of the flames and retreated, while Roja continued chasing after her .

All the Big mom’s pirates were desperately releasing their abilities at Roja, they were trying to stop him, This also included Katakuri and Smoothie .

At the next moment, Katakuri’s pupil shrank, Katakuri’s pupil shrank, It seems like he saw an incredible picture, he was frozen in place, and even his arms trembled .

“Katakuri, what happened?!”

Smoothie beside him so his movement stopped, She was stunned as she couldn’t help but ask .

Katakuri didn’t answer as cold sweat overflowed from his forehead, his eyes were aggrieved and looked almost desperate .

“We can’t… Stop him!”

Katakuri was aghast, his voice trembles as he said that .

Roja’s sword swept away, fire filled the place and blocked all the abilities that were thrown at him, then he coldly glanced at the people around .

“Attacking for so long, Do you really think that I can’t deal with you?”

He held his sword with one hand, he floated in the sky and waved his hand .

Ennetsu Jigoku!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This is the ultimate move; this time his released it to the full power, not like the one he used against Akainu .

Dozens of flame pillar rose to the sky with Roja in the middle, It felt like a volcano erupting from the Sky .

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