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Chapter‌‌ 219: One Attack!
Roja made a move and one of the four commanders was defeated. That one move made most people pale from horror.

Roja passed the Admiral’s promotion by defeating an Admiral, Everyone knew that Roja is powerful, he defeated the strongest Admiral. The witnesses could only say that he was scary.

Snack was one of the four commanders, his bounty is about eight hundred million berry, and he couldn’t even touch Roja or block one attack from him.

“This guy…”

Katakuri’s eyes were sharp, he stared at Roja who just defeated Snack, he tried to warn him to avoid the future he saw, but he still couldn’t stop it.

The other two were also in their places wide-eyed, even Linlin stood in her place without moving while her eyes flashed with light.

But of course, they didn’t panic, Snack was the weakest of them all. There is still three of them and Charlotte Linlin herself.

Roja getting out of here is still not easy.

The Big mom’s pirates didn’t move even after Snack was defeated, they were surrounding Roja.

At this time, some leaders retreated toward the castle’s exit.

They saw Snack being defeated with one strike so their faces were full of horror.


It was at this time that Cracker attacked, He didn’t rush using his body, he used his biscuit soldiers as he covered them with Busoshoku Haki as they moved toward Roja.

“Cracker, Thousand Arms Cracker, Busoshoku Haki practiced to a normal level… The same as Garbage.”

Roja looked at the Busoshoku used on the Biscuit soldiers, His pride was revealed in his eyes as he raised his hand and waved his sword, it directly broke the biscuit soldier in two.

The strike didn’t dissipate yet as it continued to move forward.


Cracker crossed his sword in front of his face and blocked the rest of the attack, he was sent few meters away before he completely blocked it.

“Damn… You are saying that I am Garbage!”

Crackers puppets were defeated by Roja’s single strike, his face revealed his rage as he used his ability to the maximum, countless biscuit soldiers were formed and directly surrounded Roja from all directions.

The bodies of those biscuit soldiers were covered in Busoshoku.

Crackers went all out, Smoothie and Katakuri took a step back, but they were still looking at Roja vigilantly, ready to move at any time.

Roja stood in his place as he looked at Cracker and said: “Are you angry? The cookies you made are really good.”


Cracker thought that Roja finally admitted his strength, so he couldn’t help but reveal how proud he was.

But at this time, Katakuri’s pupil shrunk, once again he saw the future, sweat overflowed from his forehead as he yelled.

“This is bad!”

“Cracker retreat! Everyone hurry up and leave, leave right now!”

Karakuri talked while retreating himself, he didn’t just speak toward Big mom pirates, he even spoke to the Yonko Big mom herself.

The people present didn’t know what Katauri saw, but they chose to follow his instructions and backed off.

but there were so many people that it was almost impossible to retreat!

“What happened Katakuri?!” Charlotte Linlin was surprised seeing Katakuri act like that, she couldn’t help but ask him.

“No time to explain mother, Hurry up!”

Katakuri bit his teeth as cold sweat kept on overflowing from his forehead while looking at Roja in the field.

Roja looked in front of him as his eyes glanced at the audience, his eyes fell on Katakuri’s body as he said: “To see the future using Kenbunshoku Haki, you are really good.”

“But… I didn’t specify who is talked to before, I meant all of you are Garbage!”


An all-powerful momentum rose from Roja’s body and was accompanied by the glowing of his sword.

“All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”

Sen Maboroshi turned into a red sword followed by monstrous flames coming out from it, with Roja at the center the flames swept every direction.

A temperature of six thousand degrees spread out!



Golden flames swept out, it instantly touched the biscuit soldiers, although Cracker attached Busoshoku to them, it didn’t matter as they directly turned to Ashes.

“This is impossible! My biscuit soldiers!!”

Looking at this scene, Cracker’s face was aghast.


The flames like sea waves continued to burn anything on their way.

All the members of Big mom’s pirate wanted to resist the flames and tried to shout every ability toward it, even Lilin herself made a move and wanted to turn the flame into a homie.

With so much power thrown toward the flame, it seemed like it stopped.

However, Katakuri’s eyes still had horror in them as he trembled a little and cold sweat gushed out of his forehead.

“No, This can’t stop it…”


In the next instant, Those abilities seemed like nothing as the flame directly defeated them.

No matter what ability, under the temperature of the sun’s surface, they will be directly destroyed. even if there were some Logia ability users, there will be dealt with using Roja’s Haki that was infused into the flames.


The three Commanders directly flew into the sky as they clashed against the flames, even Charlotte Linlin wasn’t any better as she roared trying to resist the flames but at the end, she was sent flying.

As those other pirates, they were directly swept in the flames, they almost had no qualification to resist the flames.

Everything started burning down, the huge castle under the flames was completely destroyed.

the exquisite cake castle disappeared without a trace, leaving only flames in every direction.

Among those flames, only Roja could be seen!



Chapter 220: 4 Sword Strikes
The cake caste turned to ash, Only the pillar of fire was left, wherever the heat waves go, the streets made of candy and the houses began to melt.

At this time, Stussy and those leaders who had already retreated saw the fire behind them and couldn’t help but pale.

“The cake castle… Was instantly…”

“What a terrible flame!”

“is this the new Admiral’s power?”

These underworld leaders were shocked then the shock turned to terror.

Roja single move, made the three commanders and even Charlotte Linlin herself fly away out of the castle, as for those normal pirates, there is definitely huge casualties.

Charlotte Linlin was the first to try and escape away after Katakuri’s warning, but still, the heat waves touched her slightly.

“This is… How is this possible! The commander and Big mom…”

Pudding’s third eye was exposed, all three eyes were full of shock.

Cracker received the most injuries among the three, even if his Busoshoku was strong, he still couldn’t defend against the flames, so his body was burned.

“What a terrible fire…”

Smoothie seriously injured, but still, despite trying her best to withstood flames, her hair was curled up and her gaze was horrified.

Katakuri was the same, he tried his best to avoid the flames but still couldn’t and now his condition was about the same as Smoothie.

“This guys strength is so amazing.”

Katakuri revealed a look of dread, This was the first time since learning how to see the future that he felt so helpless against someone.

As for Charlotte Linlin, She was known as steel balloon, without using Busoshoku she could resist swords and cannons, she used it now to defend against Roja’s attack which made her receive fewer injuries, she only had a few burned parts.

And she fell from the sky, she was embedded in the ground.


The candy street crushed as Linlin came out from it.

“My cake castle…”

Charlotte Linlin looked at the castle that disappeared without a trace, only leaving golden flames burning in its place. she was stunned for a moment.

Then a pair of eyes suddenly turned red, and all of her killing intent burst out as if she will kill everyone and everything.

“Damn bastard! You dare destroy my castle!!!”

Linlin eyes revealed a crazy look, with her fury, a thundercloud in the sky began getting bigger, the sky instantly turned gray.

At the same time, another fire cloud crazily expanded.

“Mom is Angry.”

some Big mom pirates were scared and started to panic as they looked at the hellish sky.

This moment, not only the sky but also the ground began moving, the whole island was alive and with Linlin’s fury, it began to move crazily as well.


The flames in front of Charlotte shot toward Roja.

Roja handheld Sen Maboroshi, he gently waved at the flames very gently, the flames separated to two-parts and moved beside Roja without even burning his clothes.

“So that’s the soul fruit ability.”

Roja glanced at the sky and snorted as he directed his sword toward Linlin.


Roja waved his sword, a burst of terror swept toward Linlin.

The flames didn’t touch the ground yet and the candy street started melting due to the heat.

Charlotte Linlin eyes seemed like a burning volcano, she glared at the flames, she didn’t avoid them but let the could of fire to directly confront Roja’s flames with flames.

But when the two flames collided, the result was terrifying, the flames from the cloud directly collapsed as it touched Roja’s flames.

Charlotte Linlin’s flames were nothing more than ordinary flames, could it resist against the temperature of the sun’s surface?


Roja’s fire directly consulted the other flame, the fire cloud was scared and directly flew toward Linlin.

The earth beneath them was directly burnt to ash, there was a crater of a hundred meters.


Seeing this scene, Katakuri could still stay calm, but the other two couldn’t help but exclaim, they didn’t hesitate to attack Roa trying to stop him.

Cracker directly used his Busoshoku to the extreme as he threw countless biscuit swords at Roja.

But Before even reaching Roja, they collapsed and turned to ashes.

Roja looked lazily at Cracker and directly waved his sword at him.

Cracker’s heart was beating like a drum, he drove his biscuit ability to the extreme and made countless biscuit soldier to shield him.


But this horrifying sword strike cut all biscuit soldiers and moved toward him.

Although those biscuit soldiers were all covered with Busoshoku, they couldn’t resist Roja’s power, they were burned directly and as the strike collided with Cracker he was thrown away, nobody could tell if he was dead o alive.

Another sword strike and another commander was brought down.

At the side, Smoothie made her move, but most of it was blocked by the flames, and the bit that was about to touch Roja’s body was directly nullified using Busoshoku.


Katakuri’s forehead was full of cold sweat, his arm was trembling slightly.

He already foresaw this seen long ago, and he was trying to stop it from happening, but at the end, he couldn’t do anything, he felt like an ant trying to shake a tree.

No matter what they do is futile!

A sword strike suppressed big mom and another one to defeat a commander.

The flames were terrifying and most of them couldn’t even defend against it let alone be his opponent.

Roja left the ground and directly flew toward the sky, his shadow was on the entire big mom’s pirates which made countless people scared and shocked.


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