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Chapter 218
Chapter 218: Making A Move

Stussy finally discovered Roja’s identity, her beautiful face no longer held his relaxed expression, she eyes opened widely as her forehead was full of cold sweat.

At this moment, not only her but everyone else noticed Roja’s identity.

Most people face’s changed, their eyes exposed their horror.

Only a small part of them didn’t know his identity.

“That guy is…”

Charlotte Linlin’s eyes stared at Roja as her eyes turned cold.

Someone who didn’t remember Roja at first ran toward the Wc to wash his face, after a little bit he finally remembered Roja’s identity, he rushed out instantly.

He didn’t notice the atmosphere as he looked at Roja and said:

“I remember, you are… ghost sword Roja?!”

As he shouted Roja’s code name, All the people present finally recognized Roja and finally all the people had the same expression.

Even if they didn’t know Roja’s face, they knew of his sword.

Not long ago, his name was the center of every talk.

The Marine’s new Admiral, Ghost

Sword Roja!


“How could… An Admiral unexpectedly…”

“Could it be that the Marine has already surrounded as… and they are ready to fight against Big mom?”

All the people were fearful, even if they were some leader of the underground, they weren’t willing to engage in a fight against the Marine and one of the Yonko.

This is definitively not a joke!

In addition to those guys, the hearts and souls the Big mom’s cadres vibrated as they looked at Roja.

“Mamamamama, Even the Marine are invited to my tea party, this is really unexpected.”

At this time, Charlotte Linlin said, she was after all a Yonko, at the first she was surprised, but she calmed down.

As she said that, all the people woke up, many people wanted to retreat.

The Big mom’s cadres investigated.

“No one comes with him, his alone.”

At this time, Smoothie said with her eyes as cold as ice.

All the four commanders looked at Roja coldly, they even sneered at him.

“Coming alone… I really admire this

this new Admiral, I don’t know where you got your confidence… Or didn’t you know where you are?”

All the ordinary cadres of the Big mom’s pirates surrounded Roja from all directions.

As for Linlin, she was in the mid of all the cadres, her looked could kill from fright if someone ordinary looked at her.

This is her tea party, Roja actually came here and apparently didn’t put her in his eyes, how could she not get angry.

Pudding in this situation could only try to retreat carefully after she got away and arrived behind the sweet commanders she finally let out a breath.

She looked at Roja’s eyes with anger.

“This guy… damn!”

Even if is  Marine Admiral, coming here alone and being surrounded by the commanders and LinLin he still didn’t flee.

But, all the people who thought like this were wrong, Roja didn’t even try to flee, From the moment he comes here he didn’t have any idea of retreating.

Even if she is one of the

of the Yonko… So what?!

Roja ate his snacks slowly, and after swallowing the last piece, he finally raised his head as he glanced around.

“Eat enough and drink enough, but I also have to do a good job…”

As he spoke, Roja’s body flashed, A black and white outfit appeared on his body, and he suddenly grasped the air, and a Sen Maboroshi appeared on his hand.

Roja held his sword and stood casually in his place, he didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

“You have been surrounded by me, Are you going to fight? Or are you going to surrender?”

Roja’s actions and sentence made all the people freeze for a moment, They couldn’t help but laugh mockingly.

Was this guy insane?

“You say… You will fight?”

Snack, one of the sweet commanders looked at Roja with ridicule and said: “I really wonder if you are really an Admiral.”

Almost at the same time, Katakuri by the side saw a terrible picture and couldn’t help but yell.

“Bad!! Snack, Retreat.”

When the voice Retreat.”

When the voice was heard, Katakuri’s hand turned into Mochi and flew toward Roja, he seemed to want to stop something.

But it was too late.


In the next instant, A grand Sword energy emerged from Roja’s blade and flew toward Snack.

This attack was so fast that it instantly arrived in front of Snack, the latter was horrified as he quickly put his weapon in front of him and used Busoshoku trying to stop the attack.

however, when the attack touched him it directly cut his sword and moved forward.

Roja’s attack was like an attack from a grandmaster swordsman.


Snack whole person flew as blood splashed on, the attack left a huge crack in the castle’s walls.

One of the four commanders… He didn’t even have time to fight as he was already defeated with one attack from Roja.

“Don’t talk rubbish.”

Roja opened his eyes, they weren’t the same before he held the sword.

He stood with his sword as he released his momentum at the audience.

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