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Chapter 192: Six Months Later

Half a year later. (Tl: …)

In a certain place in the Grandline, A few white clouds were in the sky and the sea was peaceful without any waves.

Above the sea, there was a warship. On the deck of the warship, a lot of Marines gathered looked a the sea below them with surprise.

“What happened?”

A figure came out from the cabin and yawned slightly then asked them when he saw them gathered.

This figure was Roja’s.

After Half a year, Roja completely Broke the shackles of his flesh, He can now use his soul power to the Maximum and enter the Shinigami mode whenever he wants.

Now Roja’s soul sword reached the Fourth stage +10, So there is only this little bit to open the Shikai of Yamamoto.

Today’s his status displayed in the property bar was completely different from before.

The fourth stage: the soul of the delicate sword + 10

Attributes: Attack + 960, power + 320, Agility + 320, physical + 320

Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped Silver-White energy attack.

Energy: 281/330.

In the past six months, This is the second time Roja was sent out on a mission. The first time was for him to escort some pirates with Hundreds of millions of bounty to the bases in the First half of the Grandline.

For today’s Roja, the Pirates’ reward doesn’t matter anymore.

(Tl: I think he means only the Yonko are his matches. probably…)

“Reporting! Just now, pieces of debris fell down from the sky, we already sent someone to recover it.”

A Marine reported to Roja what happened with a suspicious look on his face.

The sky was clear, there were only a few white clouds, this pile of debris suddenly fell from the sky which made the Marines on the ship shocked and they thought for a second that they were under attack.

“Pieces of debris coming from the sky?”

When Roja heard the report, he revealed a strange face, then looked at the sky and couldn’t see a thing even with his eyesight.

Could it fell from a sky island?

The Sky islands are about 10.000 meters above the sea, so it’s simply impossible to see it from down there.

(Tl: Well Kaido saw the Impel Down from there and jumped right into it…)

At this time, A Marines finally salvaged the pile of debris.

Roja didn’t really care at first, Although he was a little bit interested in the sky island. But as he glanced at the pile of debris, there were little signs, After seeing it Roja’s eyes flashed.

Roja walked toward that pile of debris and picked up the little sign from it which was a strange pattern. Roja touched it and was vaguely impressed.

This is … The Flying Pirate emblem?


When it comes to the Flying Pirates, Many people have forgotten about them, even if he takes this out most of the Marines in the warship won’t be able to really recognize this.

However, if it comes to the captain of the flying pirates, no one would make a mistake on who he was.

Kinjishi no Shiki (Shiki the Golden Lion).

Int that year, whitebeard and Roger became famous, the legendary pirate who was the first in the history of the impel down to get out and escape.

Now in this world, Only Shiki and Shiro-Hige(Whitebeard)… are still alive from the previous era and only those people can be called legends.

For Shiki, he was defeated by Luffy before he even learns Haki, which made Roja extremely puzzled, he could only attribute it to Shiki’s ‘Brain Damage’.

For such a character, even if his two feet were lost when he was escaping, his strength shouldn’t drop that much.

The reason for him being caught was because he learned that Roger was caught and was furious, after losing it, he attacked the headquarter and fought with Garp and Sengoku for three days and nights.

Under those two’s suppression, he was finally defeated but he still destroyed half of the Headquarters before he was sent to the Impel Down.

After he escaped from the Impel Down, the World Government tried to arrest him again as this made them lose too much face, But Shiki had the float fruit ability, he could make himself and other objects fly, he could even make an island fly.

On the ground, it would be really difficult to find anything floating in the sky or hiding in the clouds, so for about a decade, there wasn’t any clash between the Marine and Shiki.

Roja looked at the sky, He still couldn’t see anything but those clouds hanging in the sky.

“Shiki the Golden Lion?”

He still couldn’t be at ease knowing that an island could fall on his head at any time.

After glancing at the sky, Roja pinched the little emblem in his hand and turned toward the adjutant and said:” I am heading up to the sky, you continue on your way and escort those prisoners.”

After that.

He didn’t wait for him to answer and gently pushed his leg and sonic booms were heard as he turned into a small black dot before disappearing.

Roja’s adjutant and a group of Marines heard Roja’s word then saw him disappearing, they couldn’t help looking at each other.

Going to the sky… What for?

However, this pile of debris fell from the sky and almost hit the warship.

Roja went to the sky to have a look, it was normal, but the ‘sky’ matter was a little weird in itself.

Wooch! Wouch!

Roja kept on rising in the air, in those six months his physical strength increased a lot so maintaining such a pace is not hard for him.

(Tl: I think he could get to the sky island like this.)

The more he got up the more wind blows, but Roja’s figure kept going in a straight line.

This half a year, In addition to his practice, Roja only escorted prisoners and there wasn’t any opportunity to fight pirates. Also, the Dressrosa invasion didn’t happen.

“I don’t know to what extent my strength would be when I enter the Shinigami’s state… Shiki, Whitebeard… people as famous as Roger would be a good test of my strength.”

Roja’s continued going up, after a while, a shadow appeared, then a second, a third… eventually he was stunned by the sight he was looking at. Countless islands were suspended above which looked like small worlds.

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