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Chapter 193
Chapter 193: Shiki’s Whereabouts Chapter 193: Shiki’s Whereabouts Numerous Islands with different sizes were arranged in the sky.   After a few flashes, Roja moved toward one of the islands and when he saw what’s inside using Haki then shook his head then moved to the next one.   After passing a few islands, Roja reached the largest one in the center and finally stopped and walked slowly towards it.   There was a huge palace in the middle of the island.   Large numbers of pirates were guarding the outside and the atmosphere was solemn. It seemed as if a meeting was held inside.   However most of the pirates outside were yawning, no one had come here before.   But When one of them yawned and suddenly his eyes saw a figure walking in the distance and immediately woke up.   Looking at the figure coming toward them and what was his dress, his was surprised and couldn’t help but rub his eyes.   Not just him, Other guards also revealed the same surprised face.   “Am I dreaming?”   “That guy… he is a Marine?”  

“How could a Marine come here.”   All the guard were amazed, they all looked at the figure with surprise. From the time Shiki took them to the floating island, they didn’t see a Marines for years.   Even seeing Roja wearing the Marines uniform, their first reaction was checking if they were dreaming.   “Only one guy came?”   “hey… Kill that guy!”   They were the guys protecting Shiki’s palace, apart from being shocked, they were angry at each of them grabbed his weapon.   Step by step Roja looked slow but he was extremely fast as he comes in front of them in a flash.   “This should be the place were Shiki is but I don’t know if he is here or not.”   Roja glanced indifferently at the palace as if he didn’t those pirates who had already surrounded him.   With a thought, a huge pressure crashed at them from all direction.   …   Meanwhile, inside the palace, the hall was solemn, a guy with a steering wheel was stuck on his head was sitting on the top with a Bowl of Wine in his hand, This was Shiki.   (Tl: the steering wheel that got lodged in his

his head after his battle with Roger.)   Below Shiki, Quite a few pirates were gathered.   “In a few years, the research will be done and the world will know the horror of the real pirates.”   Shiki’s tone was cheerful, he smiled which made all the pirates smile, then he put down the bowl of wine.   “For this, Kanpai!”   “Kanpai!!”   The crowd of pirates below had rough smiles.   But   Just as they put the glass in their mouths ready to drink, a roar sounded from outside. 7j" datoffset-key="7bpfj-0-0">   Boom!   The whole earth seemed to tremble, the wine was spilled in their hand but no one was concerned about the wine, they stood up directly and Shiki shouted:” What happened? Is this a storm?”   Shiki was mostly afraid of Storms as he can make things float but can’t do anything if they were moved by the storm.   After His shout, no one answered.   His

His people looked suspicious as there was no change of weather and the sky was clear.   And at the next moment!   Boom!   The main entrance of the hall suddenly burst, the sun reflected in the floor, it was eye blinding so they couldn’t help but shut their eyes.   A shadow walked through the main hall after breaking the door.   Seeing the figure, most of them couldn’t believe what they were seeing, they even though they were dreaming.   Isn’t this a… Marine?   How can a Marine be here?   “Kinjishi no Shiki, After escaping from the Impel Down, you were hiding here in such a high place which made the Marines unable to find you for more than a decade.”   Such a scenario didn’t ever happen in the past few years.   “Marine…”   Watching Roja and in his back, everything is crumbling, Shiki’s expression suddenly turned gloomy and his eyes were full of killing intent.   “You bastard, You even dare to say that to my face… What? You’re here to catch me?”   “You can say so.”   Roja stood there holding Hiru in his hand.     The pirate watching this scene couldn’t help looking at each other.   At this time, they saw the Marine came here alone, and he want to catch the legendary pirate, Kinjishi no Shiki alone?   Their boss fought Garp and Sengoku for three days and three night together and destroyed half of the headquarters.   They saw that Roja was Just a Vice-Admiral.   For Shiki, even if there was an admiral here he can’t do anything, let alone a Vice-Admiral.   “Someone like you dare to be so arrogant here, Even if your Admiral was here, he won’t dare to talk like that.”   Shiki’s face was filled with killing intent, he leaped after he lost his two legs while escaping from the Impel Down, now he got two swords in their place.   After leaping he moved his swords and attacked.   om!   Two large energy attacks formed a cross and headed toward Roja.   Everything in its way was crashed.   Seeing this, the pirates revealed their awe, some panicked and obviously didn’t want to get involved so they retreated.   “Retreat!”   “That Marine has angered The Boss.”

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