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Chapter 148: Shot down!
Spiritual power was being transferred to Senbonzakura Kageyoshi at an alarming rate, Hundreds of millions of cherry petals formed a sword, while Roja seemed to have wings as the petals were moving toward that sword from both sides.

“This is your strongest skill?”

Jack stood on the damaged deck, looking at this scene with a dull face, the atmosphere around his body changed, He seemed to turn into a huge mountain.

He wrapped his whole body with Busoshoku which made him have the luster of iron when the sunlight shone on his body.

The Marine forces on the warship looked at Roja and Jack, They knew that this will be the final attack and were very nervous.


The next moment, As if the wing behind Roja’s back moved, The hundreds of millions of cherry petals that formed the sword in his hand fell fiercely on Jack.

“Eat this!”

Jack held his weapon and also rushed with a roar, and finally, the sword hit Jack.


When Roja’s sword fell on Jack, it seemed as if thousands of rays had come together which made the world seems dim.

Suddenly the tense atmosphere disappeared and the world turned back to normal.


Finally, in the silent world, this earth-shattering Roar finally Exploded which was accompanied by huge waves in all directions.

In mid-air, Roja held onto the sword made of cherry petals which were being stripped and moving forward like crazy.

Jack Reed and wanted to resist the impact with his strength, But he was finally crushed under the countless petals and Roja’s powers.


Jack, one of the three disasters was attacked by Roja sword and was shot down from the sky and crashed into the Mammoth.


With the power that Jack fell with into the Mammoth, It finally made a Kacha sound.

This ship that was more powerful than steel couldn’t take anymore hit and finally broke down.


The ship which was already broken finally exploded and broke in have from the middle.

Water went into it like crazy and a large pit was formed in the sea, Finally, the Mammoth was swallowed.

Beasts Pirates, One of the three disasters, Jack the drought… Was defeated and fell into the sea!

Horrible waves were created after the fall, Most Marines clutched the Railing or anything around them to prevent themselves from being washed away by the waves.

The countess cherry petals started to disperse, and in Roja’s hand, Hiru appeared and then was put into its scabbard gently.

“He fell into the sea?”

Roja stood in the sky and glanced indifferently at the sea below, he could see the Mammoth that was crushed.

Jack is Fishman, so even if he had a devil fruit ability, he won’t die, but he will still be unable to move.

If this was on land, and Roja used this blow, even if he won’t die he will be injured, Even if his skin was thicker or his defenses were stronger, it’s impossible for him to resist, that attack was comparable to Garp’s attack.

When the other party fell into the sea, Roja didn’t know what happened to him as he couldn’t use his Haki to know what’s happening under the sea.

At this point, Jack the Drought was completely annihilated!

After shaking his head Roja didn’t return the warship only until the waves subsided.

Under Roja’s leadership, all Jack’s men were killed or seriously injured.

The Mammoth as completely smashed by Roja and immediately as Jack fell it sank with him.

“Sure enough my spiritual power has improved a lot.”

Roja could feel his spiritual powers consumption, he nodded slightly, this fight more intense than the fight with Doflamingo, he used Getsuga Tensho constantly.

However, he didn’t use all the spiritual power he had, not like the fight with Doflamingo, he still has 30% to spare now.

“Fell into the sea?”

“That guy has a devil fruit, so he will probably die.”

Many Marines have finally recovered from their shock, they swallowed hard while looking at the gradually subsiding sea.

Watching one of the three disasters getting destroyed ha quite the impact, after all, Their captain alone has a bounty of 800 million over his head.

Roja’s name as the Ghost sword Roja had spread into the sea, but this was the first time they saw him in a real fight, The strength Roja showed today, even if it’s still inferior to an Admiral, but the gap isn’t that big either.

Even for those Officers in the new world, this was an extremely shocking force.

The warship did not continue to stay there and they didn’t attempt to get Jack out of the water.

This place is beside Kaido’s territory.

Jack was defeated and all the pirates under him were destroyed, the warship directly moved away from that place without looting.

If they were to wait one of the two other Disasters will come and they will probably regret it, so they directly left.

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