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Chapter 121: The Late Support

On the sea, three large warships are moving at full speed, On the horizon, a large shadow appeared.

“Reporting, We are about to reach the first base!”

A Marines was holding a telescope as he reported from a hight place.

At this time, Garp and two Commodores were nervously looking at the huge shadow as it was getting clearer and clearer.

The last two hours passed with all the Marines here as tense as they could be.

They couldn’t help looking at Garp.

(Tl: Like all movies… the police never get in time.)

As time went, all the Marine were getting more and more nervous.

If anything happened to Roja because they were late… They couldn’t imagine what Garp Might do.

(Tl: Kill Doflamingo… Kill Akainu because he is the one who got in Roja’s way to be a vice admiral… Join his son as a revolutionary  .)

“Two hours…”

About two hours passed since they received the information that Doflamingo was attacking the first base.

The sea is full of life and death battles, even when Luffy was a pirate, Garp knew almost every detail about what is happening to him.

If someone was to be always protected, he won’t be able to get stronger, without any life and death experience you won’t be able to stand above all people.

Garp came all the way here for Roja, he certainly didn’t want to see Roja fall when he just started, but it was impossible to always be by his side.

This time… It’s all depends on Roja.

In Garp’s view, this was the biggest test for Roja!

He could only pray that Roja can safely pass this test.

Gradually. The first base situation was reflected in everyone’s eyes, impressively, it was all wrecked, it seems like everything on the island was destroyed.

Seeing this, Garp clenched his fist, And by his side, the two Commodores’ hearts turned cold.

Were they really too late?

Whiz! Whiz!

There was no warship docked on the shore, When the Warships arrived, The two commodores and Garp were the first to jump down.

Just after touching the ground, Garp’s figure disappeared.

The two beside him were slower, but after a few steps into the island, they were stunned and their eyes held amazement.

Although the building was destroyed and there wasn’t any sign of life, they could still perceive the people gathered on the island up ahead with their Kenbunshoku Haki.

The two slowed down.

The two continued to move forward toward a large group of officers and soldiers, they were trying to gather what they could from the ruins.

The twos’ appearance alerted those Marines, looking at the two, all the Marines were shocked at first then they went toward them.

Compared to those Marines surprise, the two Commodores were much more surprised.

There are so Many survivors?

The two were clear about Doflamingo, He wasn’t such a nice person to let so many survivors, he would definitively slaughter the entire base.

But he didn’t.

Something is wrong.

So many people but no one was wounded or had any scars, those people weren’t Marines survivors.

The two of them thought of something and one of them asked: “Are you guys Marines from the first base? Where is Doflamingo ?”

Hearing this question, a captain took a few steps ahead and said toward the two: “Reporting, Were are indeed Marines from the first base…”

“As for Doflamingo he is… Over there.”

The first half of the captain’s words, the two doubted a little bit, the second half, almost made them jump in fright.

Just over there?

Both of them were Commodores of the headquarter, even so, they were still afraid of Doflamingo.

There is no problem.

Garp was with them, Doflamingo won’t be able to face Garp, the two took a deep breath and calmed down.

But when they looked at the captain’s direction, there was doubt at first, followed by surprise, they subconsciously went in the direction that the captain just pointed out to.

“This is….”

looked in front of them, they were speechless, they were dismayed.

Although that person was lying down while blood is dripping all over the place and his clothes were pretty much gone, his hands were shackled by Kairoseki handcuffs, they could vaguely tell who is this person.

He was Doflamingo.

He was the pirate that made a big name in the Grandline, such a character fell in the west sea?

With this discovery, what followed is another question.

Who was the one who defeated Doflamingo?

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