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Chapter 122: The Shock Of The Entire World

The two Commodores swallowed their saliva while their eyes couldn’t believe.

Before they arrive, Doflamingo was already defeated, and except for that person, there is no one in the first base who could defeat him.

Looking at the blood dripping body, they muttered Doflamingo’s name, The shock from this fight will spread all over the world.

A few days later, The news about the fight between Monkey.D.Roja and Doflamingo spread all over the world.

It spread not only in the west blue or the first half of the Grandline, it reached all the way to the new world.

The world was shaken by this news.

West sea, in a base of an underground force, Robin was looked at the news full of shock.

“Even Doflamingo couldn’t defeat that guy…”

Robin who was hiding in the underground for a long time, new a huge amount of information about the world. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have survived for so long.

This name wasn’t new to Robin, after all, he was the one who dominated every transaction in the west blue.

But such a character fell in the west blue!

Robin knew the first time she saw Roja that he was strong unlike anyone from the west blue’s Marine, but she still didn’t expect Roja’s strength to reach this extent.

Even Doflamingo was defeated!

This kind of strength, His as strong as an admiral already, or maybe more.

“Monkey.D.Roja… Such a terrifying guy.”

After taking a deep breath, Robin calmed down, and when she recalled what Roja said her eyes flashed.

He will only act when he wants, he didn’t care about the world government orders, but he still has such strength, This guy will create a storm, stronger and bigger than this one.

Robin thought about Roja’s future possibilities.

East Blue, Foosha village, in a humble bar, people were drinking and having a party.

“Miss making, Where is the beer? Is this the last Cup?”

With a straw hat and red hair, this person was sitting in the bar, there wasn’t a trace of him being one of the Yonko, this was Shanks.

“Yes, this is the last one.”

The green haired girl smiled gently and handed over the huge cup.

He reached his hand and looked at the girl and smiled: “Thank you.”

Seeing this the girl smiled sweetly.

At this time a pirate comes while holding a newspaper.

“Hey boss, look at this news!”

“What’s the matter?”

He picked the newspaper, and suddenly his eyes sharpened.

In this moment, he completely changed from that weak looking guy into an awe-inspiring emperor.

Shanks looked at the newspaper, then put it down, his eyes flashed as he took a deep breath and said: “Monkey.D.Roja…”

“This guy will create a huge storm in the world.”

After hearing Shanks’ words, Ben Beckman looked at the newspaper then smiled.

“That little kid Luffy, he says that he will be a pirate all day, I think he doesn’t know how strong his grandpa is, and he shouldn’t even know his uncle at all.”

“Ha ha ha.”

Listening to Ben Beckman mentioning Luffy, Shanks suddenly laughed and said: “Well if Roja could get this far… No one can know what Luffy can do.”

The new world, A pirate ship was staying in the same place and the people on board were having a banquet. The sea was calm and no Marine was chasing after them, Or More like there is no Marine who dares chase them.

Not Just the Marine, even the world government didn’t dare to provoke them, because… This pirates group was one of the Yonko of the world.

Whitebeard pirates, with its captain Edward Newgate, this man is recognized as the world strongest, he was a leading figure in the time of Gol.D.Rojer.

Whitebeard had countless opportunities to claim the one piece and be the second Pirate King, but he didn’t. Using only his name he occupied numerous island and assembled countless forces.

Although all four of the Emperors are strong and well-known figures, Whitebeard was always in the lead.

While everyone was drinking, a news bird dropped a newspaper on board.

Marco caught the newspaper and read through it, but suddenly surprise filled his face.

“Hey, Jozu come look.”


Jozu stood up and came next to Marco and suddenly his face was full of surprise as well.

Marco though for a moment then stood up, he shouted toward white beard: “Oyaji, Doflamingo was defeated by a Marine.”
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