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A+ A- Chapter 1 part2
Chapter 1 : Monkey.D.Luo Ya ( Part 2 )

Even the Marine headquarter is not safe , in addition the futur wars if he joined he will just be suiciding if some day did something wrong he will be dead . He felt so wronged.

He shook his head while trying to forget all this messed up stuff.

“Those things are in the future let concentrate on training and getting stronger”.

He felt so heavy after the training finished . Luo Ya sat and closed his eye . He stayed like that for a while. he started to see a hazy space.

In the center of that space he could clearly see a sword suspended in the air .

It exists in his head . It was like this after his soul fused with the original’s body . Luo Ya call this the Soul System.

If you look carefully you could see that this sword is cracked all over . as if it will break at any time.

With a thought of Luo Ya a thing like a property bar directly pops out infront of him.

The first stage: broken sword of the soul +10 (did not meet the strengthening conditions)

Attributes: Attack Power +”0

Stamina: 10/10

“Why did the stamina stop raising even after all this training ? Is 10 the limit ?”

looking at the property bar Luo Ya talked to himself.

And it seem there isn’t any system sister that will explain to him .This system didn’t even talk to him once.

Luo Ya was trying to Know of it’s function alone all this time.

At first it was like this : the first stage: the broken sword of the soul +0.

After that Luo Ya found that prcticing and fighting will increase the energy point and when those point reach a certain value it will strengthen The broken sword Of In his soul.

And the strengthening goes from the broken sword of the soul +0 to into a broken sword of the soul +1 and so on.

At first Luo Ya didn’t feel any change but when it reached +5 he could feel that his fist power increased significantly .

Until it reached +10 , although Luo Ya still in the bottom of the camp but you could feel that he isn’t someone who just entred here.

Luo Ya thought he could rely on this system and strengthen himself infinitly so he could stand above the four emperors and the three admirals.

Who would’ve known that the strengthening will sease

sease at +10 . It seemed like it reached the limit of stengthening and could no longer go on.

But in the property bar there was those words “did not meet the condition to strengthen” .

Luo Ya could feel that if he fullfilled that condition It would produce a qualitative change to his powers.

But he didn’t find the way yet.

“What is this so colled ‘condition’ ? What is it ?”.

Luo Ya looked at the words and started to meditate again.

The rest time was over . Luo Ya still couldn’t think of anything while the commanders voice reached his ears so he opned his eyes and returned to train.

Soon after , another day of training was over.

Luo Ya and the other recruit are not as weak as normale people . But his performance was poor so even if someone looked down at him he will just ignore him.

After The end of the training . Luo Ya will leave the training ground.

The Marine

The Marine headquarter has a huge harbor and could accomodate hundreds of thousand of people training in the square . also there is a place for the soldiers family to live and that is the fortress below.

Of course Romya didn’t live here.( Tl : Romya probably original here )

He was taken by Garp to Marineford . this is his home now.

Garp wasn’t home . Luo Ya didn’t know where his uncle went . Well his too lazy to care . he took a shower and resumed studying the sword in his mind.

However , Luo Ya rushed out of the bathroom to see someone on his sofa . His uncle was missing for a week now . He didn’t know when he will be back but here he is.

This guy … Luo Ya sighed helplessly . this guy suddenly disappeared for a week . If he didn’t know that Garp is the hero of the sea . standing on top of the seas , he would’ve reported him as a missing person.

At this time Garp was sitting there playing with something . When he saw Luo Ya he grinned .“Haha Haha , how have you been in the last few days?”

“Does it matter how i did the last few days . You just want to just want to touch where it hurts”

Luo Ya mumbled and then smiled a little while watching Garp and said “I didn’t see you for a week . I was so worried .i am glad your okey”

Garp’s expression instantly solidified and almost sparks of blood shot out.

This sentence is really well said , it didn’t seam like an insult at first with his nephew smiling expression . It resulted in ten thousand points of internal injuries.

With his mouth twitching , Garp with black line on his head looked at Luo Ya .Gestures to his huge fist and said “Luo Ya , You smelly brat , do you want to kiss my Old lady’s iron fist ?”.

“That is still left to you to enjoy it” Luo Ya said then shrugged his shoulders at Garp and went to his room .

But at this time Garp suddenly jumped at him and said “Luo Ya come and kiss my fist”.

This guy really want to beat me now.

In Luo Ya Mind this idea suddenly appeared, to tell the truth he already experianced his fist of love several times.

But when he turned around the thing that was infront of him wasn’t Garp’s fist but …

a simple and exquisite sword!

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