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Chapter 1 : Monkey.D.Luo Ya ( Part 1 )

In the marine headquarter , Marineford.

you can see a large number of the headquarter’s recruit running and training in a wide square .

A group recruits seperated from the other and continued to widen the distance from the others at the back , “how to catch up to them?” a young handsom youth thought.

while looking infront of him , Luo Ya made a tired expression .

“Even a group of the Marine recruits are catching up this joke is just too much”.

Just a month ago , Luo Ya found himself inexplicably in the world of one piece , he also became a the Marine hero Monkey.D.Garp nephew , that is Luffy’s uncle.

This is eleven years after the great age of pirates.

Luo Ya was so scared when he arrived here , well it isn’t that surprising . after all if you suddenly found youself in another world suddenly anyone would feel scared . The world of One Piece is his favorite world . he couldn’t help but get exited when he thought about the devil fruits ability and the sword that could cut a mountain like nothing.

Well , Luo Ya think this is a perfect start . after all his Garp’s nephew . He was close to the world’s strongest people.

But who would’ve thought that just two days after coming here he would be thrown into Marineford’s training camp.

Originally Luo Ya wouldn’t feel great about going to the Marine training camp . he estimated that all the people here don’t know about Rokushiki.

But the problem is that they don’t understandt it as much as Luo Ya , the problem is that all of them are more powefull then him.

The others have been here for a month , even when he worked hard to catch up it was still hard to do so.

This made Luo Ya helpless.

“Here is the Marine’s headquarter , in this camp almost all recruit are elites . The admirals like Kisaru and Akainu all started from this training camp”.

thinking to here Luo Ya felt the heavy duty . he also felt helpless.

Just … if he cannot be outsanding in this training camp , he estimated that if he was to go out and face any normale pirate he would get slapped to death so Luo Ya thought about quitting.

Just why didn’t he have the constitution of the Ds , why didn’t he inherit it .Is it because he’s not a direct blood relative ?.

He is now the big cousin of Monkey.D.Dragon . But in future the government will confront the rvolutionary army . Garp chased the pirate king roger who was strongest of the world , there was also luffy Luo Ya’s nephew the original protagonist in One Piece .
(Tl : probably luffy is 6 years old now)

Every one of them is so outstanding.

With such a background It’s no wonder that Luo Ya feel so pressured . after all the Marine , The Pirate and the Revolutionary army possess great power. Further more even mere recuits are stronger then him and maybe someday they will just start bullying him to vent there anger.

Even the Marine headquarter is not safe …

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