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Chapter 957: Never Regret It (5)

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“That’s right! We must take revenge for Jiahua! Master, you must make the decision!” The second daughter-in-law immediately shouted. Ling Xiaoyun burst into laughter again. Facing this group of members of the Ling family who wanted to take his life, facing the members of the Ling family who had the same blood in their veins but wanted him dead, facing this father who wouldn’t let him go, Ling Xiaoyun smiled!

“Ling Jiahua is the loser! It was a fair battle between me and him. He’s just not as good as me! You, on the other hand, cheated. What can you do?”

What Ling Xiaoyun said changed Ling Tiansu’s expression completely and made the second daughter-in-law furious. “Kid, you can say whatever you want right now! The Ling family won’t let you go!”

“Master Ling, it was a fair duel between me and Ling Jiahua. That bitch was the one who tricked us. I should be the one who said that I won’t let you go!” Ling Xiaoyun roared as his weak body twisted gently. He looked straight into Ling Tiansu’s black eyes. The father and son looked at each other!

“What fair battle? You’re the one who’s no match for Jiahua. You used dirty tricks!”

The members of the Ling family couldn’t help but sigh. Who didn’t know how strong Ling Jiahua was? Even though they didn’t know Ling Xiaoyun’s strength very well, his straightforward personality and strength shouldn’t be too bad. Even though he was useless in terms of spatial perception, it didn’t mean that he hadn’t developed in other aspects.

Ling Tiansu also frowned after hearing what the second son’s wife said. He looked at Ling Xiaoyun, who had been standing there with his back straight and wasn’t willing to yield at all, with complicated feelings in his mind. “A fair battle? Really?”

Ling Xiaoyun straightened his back again. Although he looked like he had been through a lot, there was stubbornness on his face. Such a person wouldn’t lie. Ling Tiansu knew that very well. The second son’s wife was still trying to defend herself. “Brother, that wasn’t a fair battle. That bastard…”

“That’s enough!” Ling Tiansu waved his hand. The second son’s wife could only shut up and look at Ling Xiaoyun furiously. Kid, just wait!

“Since it’s a fair battle, life and death are up to fate. This is common sense. Ling Jiahua’s injury is his own problem. It indeed has nothing to do with you. I won’t pursue this point. However…” Ling Tiansu’s eyes glittered. “As an abandoned son of the Ling family, you were expelled from the family back then. I said you can’t come back! No matter what, you still stepped into the door of the Ling family. I won’t let you go on this!”

Ling Xiaoyun burst into laughter. “Master Ling, what else do you want to say? Tell me all.”

The muscles on Ling Tiansu’s forehead twitched hard. Being called Master Ling by his own son, this feeling was truly complicated… Ling Tiansu quickly adjusted his emotions and looked at Ling Xiaoyun, who had already grown into an indomitable man. “Alright, as long as you can withstand three attacks from me, I’ll let you go.”

What? Ling Tiansu’s three attacks!

Everyone was stunned, but the eyes of the second daughter-in-law glittered. “Brother, attacking three times is too easy for that kid. If you’re soft-hearted and give in…”

“Don’t worry. I, Ling Tiansu, am not a soft-hearted person. Do you want to try these three attacks first and make a judgment?”

Second Daughter-in-law immediately fell silent, but there was pride in her eyes. It would be much easier with this. Ling Tiansu would definitely use the power of space this time. It would be difficult for that bastard Ling Xiaoyun to survive! Even though he didn’t die in her hands, it was fine! As long as he died, she would be able to get rid of the trouble forever!

“What do you think?” Ling Tiansu looked at Ling Xiaoyun. “If you think you can’t take it, I’ll cripple you and keep you out of the Ling family forever!”

How ruthless! Yun Feng’s face couldn’t help but turn cold. Ling Xiaoyun was Ling Tiansu’s son. What difference would it make if he took the three attacks or not? If he took the attacks, Ling Xiaoyun would die. If he didn’t, he would become a real loser. How could Ling Tiansu be so heartless? Had their bond truly died?

Ling Xiaoyun raised his head and burst into laughter. There was too much meaning in his laughter, which made Yun Feng feel bad. He took a few steps forward and looked at Ling Tiansu with glittering eyes. “Alright! Master Ling, let’s do it!”

Ling Tiansu’s temples throbbed abruptly and he said in a deep voice, “Alright, since you’ve chosen, don’t regret it.”

Ling Xiaoyun stared straight ahead, imprinting his father’s face in his eyes. “I, Ling Xiaoyun, never regret my decision!”

Ling Tian’s solemn face was immediately filled with vicissitudes of life. He looked at Ling Xiaoyun in front of him and clenched his fists fiercely. “You never regret… Alright!” He immediately opened his hand and terrifying spatial power formed in his palm. The first attack was about to begin!

“Master, don’t show mercy!” The second daughter-in-law shouted on the side. All the members of the Ling family present widened their eyes and watched. Ling Xiaoyun wouldn’t be able to withstand Ling Tiansu’s three attacks!

Yun Feng noticed the power of space in Ling Tiansu’s hand and immediately changed her expression. Ling Xiaoyun had just recovered from his serious injuries. He might not even be able to withstand one attack, let alone three! Yun Feng was about to move, when Qu Lanyi grabbed her wrist. “Fengfeng, don’t worry.”

“Why?” Yun Feng turned around slightly and saw the smile in Qu Lanyi’s eyes, as if he was implying something. “Didn’t you feel the power that was about to burst out of Ling Xiaoyun’s body?”

Yun Feng pondered for a while before she nodded. The smile in Qu Lanyi’s eyes became deeper. “In my opinion, that power was forcibly sealed by someone, and Ling Xiaoyun was called a loser. Master Ling’s three attacks can be the key to breaking everything.”

“Are you saying that Ling Xiaoyun can’t free the power in his body on his own, or he has to rely on external forces?”

Qu Lanyi nodded. “That’s right. Ling Xiaoyun was seriously injured and on the verge of death. His bodily functions have declined to a certain extent, and the power of the seal in his body has also weakened. Your Life Potion and my light elements weakened the power of the seal again, which caused the power in Ling Xiaoyun’s body to show signs of awakening.”

Yun Feng immediately understood. It seemed that he was really going to suffer these three attacks!

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