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Chapter 958: Nobody (1)

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Mo Changge chuckled. “It’s said that immortality comes after death. He fits the description.”

Yun Feng looked at Ling Xiaoyun’s back. Indeed. The death of a phoenix represented rebirth!

The power of space gathered in Ling Tiansu’s hand. Ling Tiansu’s eyes darkened and he suddenly attacked! The space shook fiercely, like a huge piece of silk creating waves that rushed towards Ling Xiaoyun’s body!


With a grunt, Ling Xiaoyun’s body trembled hard. He immediately bent his body and opened his mouth in pain, spurting out a mouthful of blood! Seeing this scene, the second son’s wife couldn’t help but smile with viciousness in her eyes. Kid, if one attack didn’t kill you, three attacks will be enough! This time, it’ll be very difficult even if you don’t want to die!

The other young people of the Ling family couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat when they saw Ling Tiansu attack. That strength wasn’t fake! Ling Xiaoyun endured the first attack. After his body bent in pain, he put his hand on his knee and raised his head. He wiped the blood at the corners of his mouth and straightened his body again!

“Let’s continue!” Ling Xiaoyun stared at Ling Tiansu with glittering light in the depths of his black eyes. At this moment, Ling Xiaoyun’s body, which had just recovered from the serious injuries, was already in chaos. Even though he wasn’t dead, he would have already fallen on the ground if he didn’t have strong willpower!

“What a tough personality.” Yun Feng looked at Ling Xiaoyun in admiration. Qu Lanyi chuckled. “Ling Tiansu held back a bit just then. He couldn’t bear it either, or he wouldn’t have been so gentle.”

Yun Feng looked at Ling Tiansu. At this moment, his face was so gloomy that it was a bit scary. His facial features were completely stiff. Seeing that Ling Xiaoyun was still standing straight, Ling Tiansu’s black eyes glittered and he immediately slapped him again quickly!

The second attack came right after!

“Ugh!” Ling Xiaoyun grunted again. He bit his lips hard, and the taste of blood entered his mouth. The second attack was even more powerful. Ling Xiaoyun fell on his knees and had to support himself with his hands to steady himself!

Another mouthful of blood oozed out. Red blood sprayed on the ground, bringing with it the smell of blood that kept spreading. Seeing that Ling Xiaoyun was still alive, the second son’s wife couldn’t help but frown. Ling Tiansu indeed couldn’t bear to be cruel. He was still on this bastard’s side! With Ling Tiansu’s ability, he could take this bastard’s life with one attack. And now, he still didn’t kill him after two attacks. If he wasn’t going easy on that guy, what was it?

Ling Tiansu had already exerted a lot of strength. After all, he didn’t have the intention to kill Ling Xiaoyun. Ling Tiansu controlled himself carefully. Seeing Ling Xiaoyun kneel on the ground and vomit blood, Ling Tiansu slowly retracted his hand and said in a deep voice, “There’s still one last attack.”

Ling Xiaoyun knelt on the ground and panted heavily. His chest rose and fell rapidly. Enduring the pain and discomfort inside his body, and his body that was getting weaker and weaker, Ling Xiaoyun raised his head. His lips, which were covered in blood, suddenly curled up and he put on a smile. He put his arms on the ground and supported his body to stand up from the ground bit by bit. He shook a few times fiercely and finally stabilized himself.


Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s eyes glittered. Both of them knew clearly that the barrier in Ling Xiaoyun’s body was already shaking under the attack just then. The third attack would completely break the barrier and the ability sealed in Ling Xiaoyun’s body would jump out!

Ling Tiansu’s facial muscles twitched fiercely a few times and he took a deep breath. He flipped his hand again and the power of space gathered again. A glint of darkness flashed through the eyes of the second son’s wife as her hand quietly reached behind her back, as if she was making a hand gesture. When Ling Tiansu’s power of space attacked, a few tiny forces of space from the younger generation of the Ling family behind Ling Tiansu quickly attacked and merged into Ling Tiansu’s space attack!

Ling Xiaoyun’s body was shaking, and he was in a daze. Ling Tiansu’s power of space was so strong that nobody could detect the additional power of space. Even Ling Tiansu himself was so frustrated that he ignored it. The second son’s wife stared at Ling Xiaoyun viciously with a bigger and bigger smile. Kid, go to hell!

“There’s something wrong with that woman.” Yun Feng noticed her second daughter-in-law with her eyes, especially the smile on her mouth. Her intuition made Yun Feng feel uneasy in her mind. At this moment, Yao Guang’s hoarse voice suddenly jumped out of Yun Feng’s mind. “Kid, attack!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes immediately turned cold. Without another word, she suddenly shouted, “Earth Shield!” Earth elements quickly gathered around Yun Feng’s hand and immediately formed an iron wall in front of Ling Xiaoyun. The power of space that was about to rush towards Ling Xiaoyun smashed into the Earth Shield fiercely. At the same time, Qu Lanyi pulled Ling Xiaoyun away from the Earth Shield. Instantly, the Earth Shield collapsed and disintegrated! After the earth elements exploded, they gradually dissipated in the air. Everyone was so shocked by this scene that they didn’t know what to do!

“Yun Feng! How dare you interfere with the matters of the Ling family!” Seeing Yun Feng stop her, the second daughter-in-law immediately gritted her teeth in anger! Damn it! If it weren’t for her just then, that bastard would definitely die! She missed another opportunity to eliminate him!

Qu Lanyi pulled Ling Xiaoyun to her side and examined his internal injuries. Ling Xiaoyun looked like he had just been picked up by Mo Changge. He was still breathing, but not significantly. Ling Xiaoyun looked at Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, and moved his pale lips. “What are you doing?”

Yun Feng turned around coldly. “Shut up first.” Then, she turned around and looked at Ling Tiansu. The moment the earth element collided with Ling Tiansu’s power of space, Yun Feng had already clearly felt that the power of space in this space was mixed with the power of space of other people. It was a fusion of a few forces of space! If this attack hit Ling Xiaoyun, he would definitely die!

“Master Ling, do you really want Ling Xiaoyun to die?” Yun Feng asked coldly. Ling Tiansu’s face completely darkened. How would he let Ling Xiaoyun, his son, die in his hands? He had carefully calculated the attack just then. It wouldn’t endanger Ling Xiaoyun’s life. It would at most cripple his strength!

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