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Chapter 722: There’s Still a Long Way to Go (2)

They continued moving forward. The black-robed man led Yun Feng deeper and deeper. The Foggy Forest was much vaster than Yun Feng thought. They didn’t stop along the way and kept going forward, as if there was no end at all. When Yun Feng thought they had to walk a long distance, the black-robed man suddenly stopped. The two of them had arrived in a quiet area at this moment. There were vines all around, forming an independent space.

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly and became vigilant again. The man in black robe said respectfully to the front, “My lord, I’ve brought her here.” After saying that, the man in black robe disappeared into thin air. Yun Feng stood there alone and looked ahead with her black eyes. Two people were sitting in front of her, looking at her with different expressions.

“Kid, you’re quite bold.” Jin sat there with one arm on his knee and sized Yun Feng up with his golden eyes. Yun Feng stood there and didn’t say anything. She wasn’t in the mood to argue with him right now.

Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t say anything, Jin seemed to be very happy. “You wanted to break in? You’d probably die halfway.”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows jumped a few times, but she still remained silent. The old man said helplessly, “Kid, what do you want to know? Just ask.”

Yun Feng raised her black eyes and glanced at the wise and shrewd old man in front of her. “You seem to know everything? You knew I was coming for you.”

Jin raised his brows. His golden eyes glittered and he seemed to be smiling. The old man chuckled. “It’s not surprising that you know. Ask your question.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. There were too many questions in her mind that she needed answers to. The old man in front of her seemed to have seen through everything, as if he knew everything. However, Yun Feng knew that he would naturally answer what he could and wouldn’t answer what he couldn’t no matter how many times she asked.

“You’re also a Fantastical Beast?” Yun Feng went straight to the point. Jin was stunned for a moment and then burst into laughter. The old man’s expression also froze for a moment. “Kid, I’m not answering this question.”

Yun Feng frowned. Was he not? If he wasn’t a Fantastical Beast, who was he? How would he be able to move with Ah Jin, who was a Fantastical Beast? “Do you know him?” Yun Feng flipped her hand and the Finger Spiritual Jade appeared in her hand. The old man couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised when he saw this. Yun Feng pressed her finger on the Finger Spiritual Jade and the unique aura she absorbed immediately came out. In a blink, Ah Jin’s face immediately turned ashen.

“Where have you seen him?” Ah Jin’s handsome face was cold and a hidden anger suddenly burst out. The old man waved his embroidered robe gently to suppress that threatening momentum. Ah Jin flashed in front of Yun Feng. “Where is he?”

Yun Feng looked up with a cold expression. She didn’t back down because of Ah Jin’s sudden outburst of momentum. “Who is he?”

“Kid, I’m asking you where he is!” The momentum that was forcibly suppressed by the old man burst out again. That familiar pressure came right at Yun Feng’s face and directly pressed against her body. The tip of her tongue was bitten and Yun Feng didn’t give in at all!

“Who is he?”

“Ah Jin!” The old man shouted. Ah Jin finally calmed down. “Are you really not afraid of death?” He narrowed his golden eyes. A dangerous light glittered in Ah Jin’s eyes. Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change at all. Her black eyes were as calm as water and extremely clear. There wasn’t the slightest fear in them!

“Why did you meet him?” The old man asked instead of answering. Ah Jin had already walked back and sat down with an extremely sullen expression.

Yun Feng raised her brows. “You didn’t answer my question. Who is he?”

The old man was stunned. He was a bit surprised that Yun Feng was so persistent. Both parties were silent for a long time. In the end, the old man sighed helplessly. “With your current strength, so what if you know? There are some things you’ll know when you need to know.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. What he said wasn’t unreasonable. Even though she had already reached the final stage of the Monarch Level right now, facing the endless road ahead, Yun Feng only knew that she wasn’t strong enough. The appearance of that strange man in black robe seemed to reveal something. For the first time, Yun Feng felt that the things she had to face in the future would be extremely heavy. If she stopped here, she would lose everything she valued!

Looking at Yun Feng’s pondering expression, the old man said, “I can’t tell you who that person is right now. That person is related to us and… the Yun family.”

The blood in Yun Feng’s body suddenly froze! The old man stared at Yun Feng with his wise eyes. “It’s useless even if you know more. No matter what that person stole, you don’t have to worry. There won’t be any danger.”

What he said made Yun Feng’s heart, which had been tense, finally heave a sigh of relief. The wisp of soul left by the ancestor was forcibly extracted from her body. Yun Feng was anxious because she was afraid that that person would do something. Even though she didn’t know if what the old man said was true or not, Yun Feng felt that it was very credible and her heart also calmed down gradually.

“Kid, I knew you were different when you entered the Foggy Forest.” The old man looked at Yun Feng deeply. “This world is much more complicated than you think. This continent is so vast and contains so many secrets that you can’t imagine. The Yun family is certainly one of them.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes tightened. Ah Jin next to her looked at the old man in surprise, as if he was surprised that the old man said so much. In the end, he frowned slightly and sat aside with an even more serious look. The anger that suddenly ignited just then also gradually extinguished.

“Kid, I’m very gratified that you’re talented, determined and stubborn.” The old man smiled. “But you must understand that you can’t do anything right now. I can tell you that you’re still too weak, too weak.”

Yun Feng clenched her fists and didn’t say anything. The old man sighed again. “Do what you should do step by step. One day, you’ll get the answers you want to know.”

Yun Feng slowly raised her head. The old man’s eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, so Yun Feng couldn’t see them clearly. Ah Jin held his chin and snorted in disdain. “You’re just being pretentious.” The old man glanced at Ah Jin helplessly. “Kid, are you satisfied with my answer?”

Yun Feng fell silent and reexamined herself again. Many things were indeed as the old man said. With her current strength, it was useless even if she knew. She still had a long way to go and there were still a lot of things she had to do. Yun Feng’s surging heart slowly calmed down. There were too many things she had to do next. She couldn’t see far enough on the road ahead. She could only walk forward step by step. She would get close to the end, wouldn’t she?

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